The Next G-Shock?

Waddup Bloggers, so seems about everybody got a G-shock right now, Honestly I had mine for 3 years & have pics to prove it [Oh please right] but were not going to get into that lol, anyways Pascal Mouawad & big head style man Jermaine Dupri had teamed up to create this new watch called Nu pop. My personal opinion is that its groovy I'll dance with it. (Sorry Bloggers my lingo gets outta hand sometimes but what that means basically is, that its nice I'll get it.) The Nu pop range's from $95.00 -$360.00 hmp right but its kewl still if you got the money for it.

Mean shoe game.....for Her

So I been getting bugged a lot by other female bloggers that I don't post up any girls kicks or shoes I'm a guy what do you expect lol, but I'm a fair dude so hear you go female bloggers: * Unisex Polo Boots (Grey tho Ow!) - November 27th, Coach
  • Fiona signature flat- $98.00
  • Jaine Boot- $138.00
  • Aubrie boot- $348.00
  • Winona boot- $358.00
Nine West
  • ZiZ- $89.00
  • Varro Flats- $110
Steve Madden
  • Merriee Black- $79.95
  • Harah Cogna- $99.95 (comes in 5 other colors)
  • Regaal Leopard print- $99.99 (also comes in 5 other colors)
  • Gelatto Cow boy boot- $111.97
Jimmy Choo
  • Witty Flats- $365.00
  • Hunter Boot- $395
  • Nixon- $775.00
.....Happy now lol.

Long Lives the Cross over King

Happy Thanks Giving Bloggers, So before you stuff your face a moment of silence please for the person that single handily put braids on the map as well as one of the greatest NBA scorers of all time. Has retiring after 14 seasons in the league, Allen Iverson has called it quits at the age of 34....dam right? Everybody should cut there braids in respect of A.I lol, here's a few highlights for the man Iverson:

Got Fat but not wack

  • Cassidy 6min Freestyle he ain't fall off not one bit, check this acapella out:

Remember Him?

Waddup Bloggers! So I woke up at 6am -_- today saying F**K I have class, So I literally got up went in the bathroom blinked [poof] & was magically back in my bed only to wake up again to 3 hours later to write this blog of course, you would think that being how Turkey day (gobble gobble) is tomorrow & all that we [Us CUNY college students that is (=, ...Borat voice "Great Success!" ] would get some sort of Lee way right pfft nope! But anyways back to the topic at hand do you remember the lil fat kid that had his own little show on MTV goes by the name ....well um it is his name but Andy Milonakis, got his 1st big break on "The Man Show" years back were he was in a skit were he went out on to the California Streets with a fake i.d & bought alcohol at a sad young age and sadly enough it worked lol. You know whats crazy nows though hes 33, [wow what the hell right?] but anyways here's one of his web cam free styles that's pretty good enjoy (Salutes):

Close your eyes & let your ears see

Waddup bloggers, so time & time again I kept telling myself yo this lil white boy is trash, hes a one hit wonder, Ash who? Ash what? Leave it to Eminem & basically every other line people normally associate one hit wonders with, but let me just say I did go as far as listen to a few tracks on his album but ain't really pay attention to what he was saying it honestly. Its wasn't till I was doing my web surfing thing & bumped into Asher Roth free styling on Peter Parker's radio show. The freestyle is called "A day off" & boy did he go in, Although he was a lil shaky on the lyrics toward the end of it, overall it still was pretty sick. This track single handily brought new light on my hopes for Asher Roth play on player:

Sneaker Freaker

  • Nike Air Jordan I-XXIII "naked" white & red (SEX)
  • Nike Air Max LeBorn VII
  • Air Jordan Flight 45 (....ahh they iight)
  • Christian Louboutin Louis Vuitton (2010 Spring/Summer....still yuck)
  • F-Troupe Plaid Chukka
  • Converse Leather Jacket Chuck Taylor
  • Air Max 90 Gold foil
  • Vans Skate Hi Lx
  • Bapthing Ape Roadsta Holiday 2009
  • Nike air 3 Kevin Garnett

Simply Beautiful

  • Colbie Caillat from Malibu, California. (What? who said it only had to be art work) Her voice is so amazing shes like the modern day Sade.
  • Julian Beeverm, an English artist who’s famous for his art on the pavement of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium. Most of his artwork it is impossible to tell whats real from what’s an illusion.......... SO TIGHT! Google his work.
  • Kuroshio Sea, 2nd largest Aquarium Video best depicts exactly what I've would I said.
  • Uniqlo, Soho New York store design (although its a pretty tight place to shop have you ever just stopped & looked around at the store? its really a site to see two thumbs up on the store design team like fo'real!)
  • * My favorite dancer! Quite Storm & this is why dammit. (Simply dancing art at its finest)!

Busta bus!

He's back! ......well not yet anyways lol, But Busta is currently working on a new album labeled Chemo its said to drop in January of 2010 in a interview with Bus said that the industry may need his help to recover (Ou!) heres a snippet of what Busta had to say about the rap game in this day & age: "I called the album 'The Chemo' because it seems like the industry and music overall is dying slowly," he said. "The cancer that's stricken the business is killing the music, not only from a business standpoint, but also the value of the content and the creativity behind it. I just want to start the first stage of chemotherapy treatment that needs to take place and hopefully inspire others to do their part and contribute to different stages of the cure," He also stated in that interview that he digs the fact that Jay-Z, Jadda & Drake drop "note worthy" albums this year being how everyone pretty much sounding the same now cough, Auto tunes but anyways Busta you been the man for years only time could tell if this album could break the hip-hop drought that's occurring now. (Salutes) Later bloggers.

New J.O's

Where has the year gone? So as 2010 approaches faster so does more & more sneaker releases but check out these Jordan Spiz'ike Black Cemenet (Based on the 4's Jordan model...clearly) that are planned to drop early next year, "Sick ain't it?" this style is like the only Jordan's other then the OJ's (for you non-sneaker heads OJ's are all the Air Jordan's that you see on the card you get when you purchase a pair) that are actually hot, me personally I would cop em'. But hmm,what do you think?

Who's manz is this?

So basically in every other fashion blog I kept seeing this Prince/ Lenny Kravitz looking guy posted some were on many peoples page so not only did I want to be down lol, I did my lil Internet hunt to trace down this guy, his name Taz Arnold, he's an Sa-Ra Creative but here's a recent interview Hip-hop & R&B producer that also design sick fashion items for high class fashion companies such as MCM he had:

Double Negative!

Wale Wale Wale!!! ugh bro-ham what are you doing fam, I supported you in everything you did but this is just outrageous. I know you gotta keep it all in the industry but out of all the girls to gonna date the only chick that actually looks really bad with the Cesar hair cut, No Bueno dude, but not only is has she failed on that fashion statement with her hair its flippin Solange mane!! ugh its kills me to have to admit this but bloggers yeah there dating. =/ I'm seriously like the only person left that still refuses to create a twitter, I find it extremely useless & besides I already have an away message no need to create an online account that publicly states ........"Whats on my mind" cause I have a BLOG to do that for me. This twitter crap is so out of control its everywhere seriously. Like have you seen 106 & park lately? Geez Louise you can't even go 5 min's without seeing a tweet alert or what ever you guys call it. But moving on my friend tells me twitter is not only about putting status's up about "whats on your mind" but there's is also daily Topics that are posted? .............[-_-]..........You gotta be kidding me what ever happened to going on Aim & saying "Hi" it eventually leads to a interesting topic too Jackass. I say that to say this what ever happened to good ol simple Internet days were there was or better yet damit (Salute) Later Bloggers.

Top 5 Ugliest Female Celebrities

  • Birth name: Omarosa Manigault (Holy crap why is her name so long) Stallworth
  • Birth pace: Youngstown,Ohio
  • Best Known: For being a total B*tch on the Donald Trump "The Apprentice" show.
  • Comments: Son what the hell she looks like Michelle Obama......before the election.


  • Birth name: Amy Jade Winehouse
  • Best birth place: Southgate,London,England
  • Best know for: Her "Rehab" song
  • Comments: Holy Cow she looks like the sad outcome if the Nanny & Austin Powers were to ever mate.
  • Birth Name: Victoria Davey "Tori" Spelling
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles California
  • Birth Known: Being born into wealth parents being Candy & Aron Spelling
  • Comments: Oh k I'm at a halt cause her faces looks like either a thumb or a size 9.5 Acg shoe print.
2 .........what did I do something wrong?
  • Birth Name: Prince Rogers Nelson (Oh wow HER name is really prince)
  • Birth Place: Minneapolis Minnesota
  • Best Known: "Purple Rain" epidemic
  • Comments: Shes the 1st female to have chest hair & still was able to actually make in the music industry.
  • Birth Name: Estelle Fanta Swaray
  • Birth Place: Hammersmith, West London, England
  • Best Known: "American Boy" song produced by Kanye West
  • Comments: God D** were to start , she looks like a peanut chew candy bar, Missy Elliot, Mr.Hankey,Mexican grilled chicken, & to top it all off her grill looks like it was playing defence during the Colts at a super bowl ugh for such a beautiful voice she seriously should of went to Radio.

Lil Waynes Full Documentary

Oh k.....So I guess instead of making this into a DVD or something ,someone I guess leaked it but hey I ain't complaining enjoy all 72mins of it bloggers:

My Account said Ouch

Waddup bloggers it's already that time of year again, Holiday season is coming fast are you ready? but before we could stuff our faces & return unwanted crappy gifts lets not forget a cheap-O's (My father -_-) favorite Holiday .... why Black Friday of coarse (Me personal I thought it was a racist joke when I first herd about it) but originally got its name from Philadelphia due to its heavy traffic & over crowded streets on that day. But anyways this is the day that basically everyone shops for either them self's or gets a jump start on there Christmas gifts cause of its low low prices everywhere on that day. but some items that I'm looking to grab if I can are:
  • Power Mat starting at 99.99 (looks to me like that one is broken lol)
  • Samsung 12.2 mega pixel -$199.99
  • Sony Bravia 40" LCD $879.99
  • Sony Play Station 3 (250GB) $349
Whats on your Black Friday wish list?

In the mind of TOXiC

Waddup Bloggers I wanna take this time to thank my followers cause with so many other blogs out there I know mines is just one in a million but, just seeing my profile view's go up,added friends and followers keeps me motivated to keep posting more & more cause with this blogging thing is real easy to take a day or two off & let it turn into months without blogging but anyways thanks again, So moving on as you may or may not know I'm a Soho Roamer I go to Soho just to get outta the "hood" so to speak & relax but mainly to shop I actually look forward to just being in the atmosphere it self. One of my favorite places to shop when I go out there is none other then the Bathing Ape store simply because its so uniquely different. Its Genius creator NigoBape Beatles line soon to be released: .........(Salutes) Later Bloggers.