Capo ......on a Train?

  • I apologize for all the videos I  keep posting up back to back, if my page loads slower its because of it but I just had to share all of this with you guys, But anyways notice how excited Jimmy gets when he goes threw the train carts somebody has been famous for waaay to long lol.
Jada Models for Coogi

It looks like the owners of Coogi (which also seems to be same dudes who own FUBU) have Jadakiss as one of their models. Jadakiss brings so much street credibility to the game that I think he may be able to bring Coogi back to the forefront of Hip Hop fashion. Well I herd that one of the owners of Coogi & Fubu (who still remains nameless) is a real snake and doesn't like to pay people what they owe them. It's also been said that one of these so-called owners is not really an owner at all but is just a regular employee who's steals from his own company. But anyways I'm hoping the company doesn't screw around with Jada's money!!
Jadakiss' Coogi Shoot from Coogi on Vimeo.
Fashion Week Continues

This is more then a week! ...But take a look at the ever so common in the fashion world Kanye & Amber make there presence known, BUT also making a scene is Ciara check her out "How You doin!" lol:

It's Seriously Barbie 

  • Just Great another song for girls to reject guys to way to lady's. (However Its not that good of a song though, despite the fact that they did seem to be having loads of fun making this video.)

Well not really but, Mariah is looking pretty rugged in this un-photoshopped Observer cover. It almost reminds me of the way she looked in Precious movie LOL.
Wale Performs at Howard for Haiti Benefit Concert

That's how you rock the mic ....{Salutes}