There Is A God

If you haven't already herd Ted Williams was a homeless man that got a 2nd chance at life here is his struggle:

And after this blowing up the internet the Cleveland Cavaliers reached out and hired the poor guy & even went out their way to pay for his home, he has moved on to do many other commercials such as this one here:  

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This Here Weed Music

Theirs not a rap song out now, where you don't at least hear the word weed or one of its many form on a track. Being how this weed music has blown up in the rag game, it seems like all the come up artist and  even the bubble gum rappers such as Bow Wow & Soulja Boi are publicly exposing the fact that they too are heavy smokers.


Now I can't touch on this topic without mention the Pioneers of this here weed music, Snoop Dogg, Red Man & Method Man basically were the the frontiers of publicly advertising their usage of marijuana. It worked so well for them that it even got them leading movie rolls, so I guess it was only right for the rookies of the year Wiz & Curren$y to try there lucky with there own version of the weed music & see what success they could get out of it and well look where it got them.

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