Sneaker Freaker (Addiction!!)

  • Nike Air Troupe Mid
  • Nike Air Force 1 Sable
  • Vans the Sophie (Women's) ......I would still get these.
Oh k oh k oh k I already ready hear it, No more sneaker post that's it!. . . . . . . . till next week lol.

I don't normally do this but...

No I'm not Alicia Keys in, "You don't know my name" when I say I normal don't do this but this blog although not updated as much & I could barely understand them cause they sometimes write in another language lol. Is one of if not the best page to me & you Bloggers know me I barely give credit to anyone. But this "Upperupper" blog is just so different from others, cause so many bloggers mainly just steal what ever Diggy wrote on his page & read word it then put it on there page or just copy & paste from Media Take out but not these guys they solely talk about......Them self's which you would think to be boring but is not. There choice of style is so Obtuse as well as its like a more modern harajuku-ish style but leaning more the toward fashion side. These guys truly know how to live life to the fullest one outfit at a time. I personally follow them not cause of there tacky wardrobe, I do it cause there are different & not afraid of being them self's. keep up the good work guys I Salute you.

Can you say Interesting!

Basically everybody knows Lil Wayne by now, if you don't know him nor heard of him then your pretty much not from this planet like what so ever. But anyways how much of Lil Wayne do you think you know? nobody could tell the story of his life better then him self. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr who also goes by a million & one names, has a documentary that is said to be released on DVD November 17 & already seems to be getting a huge buzz. take a look at the trailer for yah self & tell me you wouldn't want to watch it:

Having Fun In School

  • I was bored in School with some friends & I brought my Mac along so I decided to make this video its silliness but um enjoy: