Its been a while since a Gangster Hip Hop song got me to dance like this but this song is pretty sick & hey look Lloyd Banks is back.

Nicki Manji World

So Ms.Manji everywhere you go you seem to draw large crowds why? Are you that good despite the fact that as well as Drake have yet to release an album? Just a few questions I would like to ask her if I was to ever meet up with this pop/rap star.{Do yah thing girl, I ain't mad at yah} Well if you didn't already know here's a quick Bio of the 1st lady in Lil Wayne's YoungMoney label. Onika Maraj (December 8, 1984) was born & raised in Queens, New York shes a mix of part Afro-Trinidadian & part Indo-Trinidadian, She graduated from LaGuardia High some where in Manhattan, where she prepped up her rap game. She was discovered on Myspace by Dirty MoneyCEO Fendi then later signed to his Dirty Money label. After appearing on The Carter Edition of Young Money's The Come Up DVD series, she got a call from Lil Wayne & the rest was History.

Barbies Music
"I like it very nice" (In Borat voice)