Kicks Fetish

Confession  I have a crazy sneaker addiction ANYWAYS:
Mr. John Galliano aka The British Fashion Guro has stepped out of his world (so to speak) and created a more urban sneaker line for this Spring/Summer season awaiting us, nothing much to same about him  everything else is pretty much know so um tell me what you think:

*My personal Favorite are the white/blk/cool gray ones*

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Its Fab's Time
Fab is make sure his voice is herd not giving the public any rest, he is currently working on a new music video called "Raw" (Complements to Complex magazine) I guess last weeks release "Body Ya" wasn't enough but any who here are some pictures from his upcoming video:
And just in case you never herd the song yet:

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J.Lo Scoop

Ah-Waddup Saluters, it almost seems as if Mrs.Anthony has quit her music career to create romantic comedy....hmp well dispute her Movie "success" Jennifer has been focus on returning to roots. She recently signed to Island Def Jam, despite all the rumors that Jennifer Lopez left Sony's Epic Records because of disagreements with the bosses over there. J-Lo has said she parted with the company on good terms. I'm thinking the separation was really good because she's now signed to Island Def Jam and her 7th album titled "Love" will be through Island Def Jam when originally J.Lo's album was supposed to be released through Sony/Epic Records for this month but that's all changed now! J-Lo is now on a label thats heavy in the media now who represent artists such as Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Justin Beiber, Kanye West and much more, hopefully this is  the move that would help her make her big music come back .

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Happy Easter 

Look up Marlon... Say cheese!

Things like this is what I say to remind myself to hold my head up. There's nothing wrong with looking down though, it could be a sign of self- consciousness but it could also show a person in deep thought. I mean how are you supposed to concentrate if you're looking up at everything going on around you.


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