Remember Him?

Waddup Bloggers! So I woke up at 6am -_- today saying F**K I have class, So I literally got up went in the bathroom blinked [poof] & was magically back in my bed only to wake up again to 3 hours later to write this blog of course, you would think that being how Turkey day (gobble gobble) is tomorrow & all that we [Us CUNY college students that is (=, ...Borat voice "Great Success!" ] would get some sort of Lee way right pfft nope! But anyways back to the topic at hand do you remember the lil fat kid that had his own little show on MTV goes by the name ....well um it is his name but Andy Milonakis, got his 1st big break on "The Man Show" years back were he was in a skit were he went out on to the California Streets with a fake i.d & bought alcohol at a sad young age and sadly enough it worked lol. You know whats crazy nows though hes 33, [wow what the hell right?] but anyways here's one of his web cam free styles that's pretty good enjoy (Salutes):

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