A Little Birdy Told Me

"If you start something how do you expect your readers to keep up if you don't!"

....So on that note I'm back to my blogging grind!

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Think Out Side The Box 

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Everyone's A Critic 

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Lupe Fiasco Ten Crack Commandments Freestyle

Child Rebel Soldier, better known as CRS is comprised of Fresh Cool Young Lu, Mr. West, & skateboard P. There was once a rumor about a highly anticipated CRS album, which has since become defunct, and subsequently revived through a Lupe interview with Hartford Hot 93.7, he also put down this quick freestyle:

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Is the 1st thing any sneaker head would tell me if I were to pick these up off of the shelfs but, I for some reason I actually like these now maybe its the neon or the elephant print that is pulling my attention. Well what ever it is these Jordan CMFT Viz Air 11's defiantly get the thumbs up by me.

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Fashion Forward

Tommy Hilfiger debuted these Bennington High Duck Boots last spring in a fashion show and they are now available in store as well as online. This seasons signature style, they’re made with suede, leather laces, & a 5″ heel.
☃ Long $398

☃ Short $228

These are outrageously sick for any chick that heels game is proper.

*Thumbs Up*

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