Matt B Raps....

I mean if Willow could do it, why can't Matt B:

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20 Reasons To Live

Most people in life have either a bucket list or a wish list that they wish to obtain, be for there time on earth comes to an end, but what ever happen to your reason for living?  Randomly threw-out my blog I'll will post my 20 reasons for living, (Why 20? *cough* My age dufus!)  but each year also gives me another reason to strive much harder to be the best that I could be & also appreciate life.

SO with that being said here's number:


Yeah yeah yea, how creative right but think about it you need money basically to do everything in life, sure it might be the route of all evil, but at the same time it could also be the pavement for good! 

*Thumbs up*

Whats your reason to live?

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