This That & The 3rd

 I could just up and leave you guys like I said I was going to do for the summer but back to the matters at hand....
Kelly Rowland is the newest member of the Album Push-Back Club, :-( Her Album has now been pushed back to November 2010. She joins Dirty Money (still no set release date) as well as Kid Cudi (pushed back to October) in Push back Territory. I can’t say the same for Kelly, But Dirty Money’s Hello, Good Morning was an excellent teaser for their last release Date in June… You have to push those albums out when that buzz is high,....Duh! Now they will definitely need another banger to push the new release date.

tisk tisk....
Meanwhile, Kanye West is still set to release his new Album on September 14th. He has however, changed his mind about the title Good Ass Job (Which thought needed change). New title To Be Announced.
 Word on the Street is that Faith Evans is prepping for the release of her new Album, to be released October 5th!! We’re excited !! Her first single is scheduled to be released any day now. Titles TBA… we’ll publish as soon as I get word.
Last but not least, snitches say that Usher & Chris Brown have recorded a song together. Not sure who’s project it will be used for but this should be interesting.
Let’s just hope Usher can keep up in the video. Yuup, I said it! lol
I’m a huge Usher fan, but that boy Chris goes off!!


Oh yeah =/ ......[sigh]. Now never in my life have I ever bashed one site soooooo many times simply because it didn't make any scents to me. "A site for what on your mind??......Blasphemy!" And to make matters worst aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll of my friends made on & used the "talk" when ever we all were to go out and I would just be in the shadows not understanding what they were talking about, but what really was the icing on the cake was when I got a blackberry & it came with a twitter app that couldn't be deleted! -_- so after days of looking at the app on my phone I was left with no choice........



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