New Big Sean

Featuring Drake off of Sean's debuts album, this track is called "Made"

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I Got Good News & Bad News

Alright I know I put up a ton of videos put this time a round please excuse my laziness but these will be the last of it ......for the day 3njoy:

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beamin ✔


✗ The Bedrock remix feat. Rasheeda, Toya Carter, Lola Monroe, Kandi & Diamond ✗

-_- Sooo this is a Young Money remix.....without Young Money, congratulation lady's on winning the Dufus award of the year.

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A Day In The Life of Wale

....Now you see why hes my favorite rapper.

Presented to you by Belvedere Vodka 

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I Better Find Your Loving I Better Find Your Heart

Drake is real man, he was getting annoying at a point cause he was literally everywhere but you can't blame the kid for his talent is unbelievable everything drops is seriously a hit, the hook on this single "Find Your Love" from his debut album Thank Me Later is pretty smooth. Lol he deserves to go platinum if not Hip-Hop should just fold.

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Hey If Super Head Can Then Why Not

Waddup Saluters, So the fan favorite Mr.Marcus deiced share all his bed room skills in his novel, "The Porn Stars Guide To GREAT SEX" No simpler title then that right Anyways, The book will be out in stores on June 22nd and "Ozone" mag released an excerpt from the book in their new sex issue. Check out the excerpt below:

Warning its Pretty Long

Now if you know Eminem you know that he always makes you feel his music he puts his all even life story's into every track & he certainly didn't disappoint us in this track labeled "Not Afraid":

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New Trina ft Rick Ross & Lil Wayne- Currency

At 1st its songs sounds like a knock off Beamer Benz or Bentley but then it goes on to sounding like its on track ....when Wayne starts to rap, & yet again Wayne has another track. I'm now completely convince that....Hes sooo not in jail.

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