Eminem Featuring Pink- Won't Back Back Down

If head thrashing Rock music did the bed room dance with Hip Hop it would definitely sound like this...

✯ Listen to it ✯

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And They Say Your Just A Rookie

* But he helped bring his team to playoff's
* & got them to take a 3-2 lead in that series
* Oh wait & he also scored hmm now what was it now, oh yeah 50! in a single game

To bad he didn't get to get the rookie of the year award, but hes not complaining cause he was able to get  to grace the cover of....
Hold that Tyreke Evans

So dead that hype of having Jordan on this years cover of 2k. (crowd: sighs) Anywho take a sneak peak at the trailer that all you sports games all over the world (guilty) have been waiting for:


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Red Bulls Isn't The Only Thing Handing out Wing

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Check out these Japanese brand Wing Tip Shoes/Boots. Waste(twice) has worked with Tricker’s as part of their Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. The collaboration includes the Long Wingtip Boots and the Two Tone Toecap Derby Brogues. Both styles will be releasing next season in two colorways at Cueve.

 Sorry about the peach fuzz buzz in the pics =/

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Music Buzz 

Wale Music

 Jay-z ft Swizz Beatz- Ultra

Estelle ft Nas- Fall in Love
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