In The Mind of Toxic

Side Note: Those are Ice creams on my feet by the way
Waddup Bloggers how yah'll feeling?
Its been a while since I told yah'll wats on my mind so lemme keep this short and sweet.
Recently I just have been bored with clothes for some reason, I don't know why though like for the past two weeks straight I've been out to either Soho or one of my secret sneaker locations -_- .......ready to shop but only to come home time & time again empty handed. (Crowd sighs) could I be to picky with my taste now? I blame you blog for enhancing my fashion I.Q! However during this aggravating slump I have however been looking at other sneaker brands such as Band of Outsiders, Y-3, Android, Clae & Radii Straight Jacket cause just about every other Nike brand is being heavily used by all the wrong people in all the wrong way.
But any who has anyone peeped the upgrade in rhymes & style of Mr. Tyga Tyga of Cash money? A+ on that Mr. Man, matter fact I Salute you. lol In conclusion I would like I would like to say.........


Take Cover

Well would you look at that, the little bugger Justin Bieber has made it to the cover of Billboard magazine this 16 year old is making such a huge impact in the music world his future is certainly postive but one question I have to ask him is.... "Does your hair ever move!"

Moving along Alek Wek, grabs the cover of South African Elle. I didn't even know they had one. I guess it would make sense to have a version for every country though. Anywho It's also their 14th anniversary issue rock on Elle!
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