Wale News

As his number one fan in Brooklyn its only right that I put you guys on to the newest sneaker King blog:

Oh yeah & just how Wale was the 1st person ever, to own the copper foams like about 6 months before they came out ........he's being a jerk again and doing it again for metallic foams: -_-


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 Flight Club Closed?

Dear Fellow Sneaker Heads, 

If you ever was in Soho this summer and noticed that the beloved Flight Club world famous sneaker store, was closed!!! For basically the entire summer crushing all of our dreams without even giving us any notices or warnings but despite that tragedy Flight Club was only renovating its stores so that they could move in this.....

Damm right!

A huge store over on 812 Broadway still in the city but just a little bet further from its orginal soho roots, oh & did I mention its hat section has increase as well, by how much you? ask welll take a look and see:

I most defiantly gotta check this out for my self.


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Paper Planes...

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Morris 2010 Fall/Winter Collection

As we go into the fall/winter season, always remember to stay warm but keep your look consistent, neat and exclusive:

"Focused on perfecting the prep look, Stockholm-based label Morris presents a look into its latest collection through a traditional look book and seasonal video. Undeniably inspired by the iconic works of Ralph Lauren, the collection places a European spin on what some would consider classic collegiate attire. Although an ode to yesteryear, we still sense a degree of contemporary styling amongst the collection. " 

For The Love Of.....


Meet Jermanie Clark....

Good now that you too guys are well acquainted. Jermaine is an up and coming artist out of St. Louis, Mo. His new website is titled www.kriteekd.com.

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Monster - Kanye West

So Kanye West being well ........Kanye deiced that now is his time, & in doing so his newest project that hes currently working on is called "Good Friday." He himself said that he will be releasing a new song every Friday. Cool idea right? Well Anywho if you haven't been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you know his beats are always sick and creative as well as the lyrics so the only thing to do now is choose a favorite song crank it.

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Happy Birthday To Me

Thats my work uniform, -_- yup I had to work.....at 8am....on my birthday.


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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

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From Bad Guy to GQ

Before I start I for one do not like his decision to join D-Wade on the Miami Heat, but at the same time what King doesn't have a ring.....

Classy as always, The King LeBorn James shows of the pearly whites as he shows that despite his own hometown hating him hes living a good life:
Sure James is partying it up over in Florida, but ummm doesn't white leggins aren't a good look at all dude -_-.
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Cover That

I after laying low for the whole summer Beyonce makes sure that never while a summer goes by without her gracing her beauty on the media in some way shape or form. Being so she takes center stage on the cover of Self magazine is a light grape fruit which was definitely the color for ladies this summer.

 *Thumbs Up*

Although Beyonce has made a name for her self in so many ways, I just can't mention her and not mention her husband Jay-z. (Salutes) These two were seen Vacationing over in Italy site seeing all it has to offer, personally I think the world would stop if these two were to ever get a divorce. lol

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New Big Sean

Simply Dope......

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In The Mind of Toxic

Oh man I haven't done this in a while but, this summer had to be one of the best summers of my life hands down for me simply because I partied like it was 1999* lol, I even build up the courage to throw my own party for the 1st time in my life all by my self to and I had to mention it because it was a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!!! success Amen, to that because I spent so much money on it so I made sure I lived it up that night to the fullest, anywho other then the party scene this summer I being working every single day just paying bills and keeping to my self some what until the weekend comes and its time to party again......yup thats actually pretty much it =/ well check out this dope video by Mac Miller that I thought seemed like fun to create enjoy:


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New Music

wassup Saluters how yah'll been? I know I been away for sometime but this time it wasn't because I was lazy or anything lol it was wifi problems hopefully now its all settled, but anywho enjoy some new tunes that I bumped into while doing my regular web search:

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Erykah Badu Ft. Rick Ross - Window Seat Remix Video 

Simply........ Dope!

but Erykah Badu looking real good these days, oh k mother soul keep I see yah. Lol


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More About Nothing Mixtape

If you don't like Wale by now, this might change you whole out look on this dude.

*Must Listen To*

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