Lil Wayne I'm Single 

Lil Wayne made sure you won't forget his name while he was away so his team recently dropped this new single called "I'm Single", I Love the intro to it , but I wonder who Nicki's talking about when she says "You have a wife" hmm anyways enjoy:

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Cover Girls 
The Diamond Princess is back at it again for all you folks who can't get enough of her rump shaker! LOL. Trina is gracing the cover of the May issue of King Magazine. I'm wondering if King Magazine was showing her some love due to the fact that her album is dropping on May 4th? I love me some Trina but her first single "Million Dollar Girl" aahh good? hmm not so much! I know somewhere on her album is the old Trina....I just know it!

At the age of 44 not many can do what Stacey Dash can do......Seriously ! Not many can grace the cover of a magazine, like Stacey Dash does.  & if you didn't already know.....she was  only 41 in the 2nd Smooth magazine cover....Damm

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Dip-Set Reunion?

Could God have answered my prayer soo quickly? Please tell me the gates of heaven have opened and heard my plea! Can there ever be a Dipset reunion? I'm talking about the original members of Dipset....not these new cats! I'm talking Cam'ron, Juelz, Jones and Freaky? Say that my prayers have worked. I was even more saddened when Cam'ron came out with a video stating there will never be a Dipset reunion....that is until now!!

Marc C

Designer Marc C launches his website today with fashionable accessories made for the “Daring Individual” building a bridge between fashion and illusion.
Inspired by the 21st century, Marc C. is dedicated to provide a refreshing view on fashion, while showcasing photography & creative graphics. This line is designed for the strong, self-assured male as well as the sexy feminine female who can rock a fitted t-shirt with a pair of lavish pumps. 
(Ah Thank You! *Winks*)
MARC C’s Spring//Summer 2010 Bow Tie Brooch collection, Foxtails, UDER FOR MARC C Glasses, and tee shirts are all available now again at
Bottom's Up

So recently the self walking Ciroc ad was honored by winning a DOUBLE GOLD at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition!!!  Check out what Diddy’s had to say about this award in his acceptance video:

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