Its Gudda Hoe

Young Money!...never stops with the constant distribution of there music that's mainly why there so much in the public eye, which is also why all of there artist lyrics seems to be getting better and better just take ear off & listen to Gudda Gudda's mixtape.

The Best things in life are....

ON FLIPPIN ON YOU TUBE!!!!! lol Waddup Bloggers, now everyone pretty much knows about Youtube (DUH) but what are you mainly looking for when you go on Youtube huh? Sports Highlights? Wardrobe malfunctions? Music Videos? T.V show clips? Yawn!!!! Youtube has waay more to offer then simply that, such as weird inside scoops in celebs lives (Ou), even step-by-step instructions on how to hacked into phones (WOAH!) & much so more. But anyways I have 3 of my all time favorite insiders I like to call em, that always gets a laugh out of me no matter how many times I watch it.
  • The 1st clips is soooo going to be happening at my wedding.... well of course many many years from now.
  • This 2nd clip Is just flat out hilarious.
  • I'm Pretty sure everyone seen this clip but still Enjoy!