Zac Posen Fall 2010 Lookbook 

 Zac Posen launched his new clothing line Z Spoke at Saks Fifth Avenue, The line is basically based on separates such as knits, cotton shirting and blazers. Bright, vivid colors fused with clean silhouettes and edgy, sophisticated design brings together the needs and desires of the modern woman at an accessible price point. Prices start at $78.00:
Rock, Paper, Scissors Says ...Wood?
So Casio decided there not done with there G-Shock movement, and idea's where running slim I mean they did plastic, gold, platinum & sliver so heck might as well go .....Wood! Yup this new G-Shock has a wood frame and plastic water proof band.I'm such an advocate of anything different so it gets a plus from me, hm what do you think about it? 

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Bleu Magazine

Waddup Blogger, Bleu Magazine (No I didn't spell it wrong lol) is a respected source of news, fashion and the latest trends. Just in case you missed it Saluters , check out this fashion editorial spread:

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Damm Homie in H.S You Was The Man Homie
  High School:Averaged 22.1 points, 5.5 assists, 5.2 rebounds, 2.0 steals per game his senior season 

Mr. John Wall was the man in H.S school as a senior killing it on the court and was even a highly anticipated player in college he even has his own dance that actually is quite common all over Kentucky...No like seriously. But this year John failed to live up to exceptions as his team lost to WVU (West Virgina University) in the final four 66-73. {Ouch!} I was really rooting for him though, although a bit frail he does however have the skills to me to make it to the N.B.A BUT to play it safe I would prefer him stay one more year in college to guarantee it.

 It'll be oh.k guys theirs always next year.

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Ouu Toxic You So Crazy

So Tiny & Toya are destined to label them self's as something else then the obvious, (T.I & Lil Wayne's baby mothers ) Like that would ever work. But I have to be honest this is a beautiful cover of them on Hype Hair Magazine latest magazine keep it up lady's.
Word right I don't know what happen in this post its like I started writing it, then half way threw it I blanked out so I said screw & kept this post not to let this post go to waste remember this!:

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If Looks Could Kill Then My Style Should Give You Nausea

Aw man Mr. Loso is at it again, shortly after his latest killer mix tape he recently drop this music video called "Body yah" & well the name speaks for it self so umm enjoy:

Shoe Stalker: Jeremy Scott Wing Adidas


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I Do Badu

Even I was shocked at this video when I 1st seen it, Although the message she sends in this video "Window Seat" is so sadly true here she explains here self:
"I was petrified while shooting this video ... but liberation began to set in .i conquered many fears in that few moments . i am greatful," she wrote Saturday (March 27) evening. "we are ALL guilty of groupthink we have all been VICTIMS of groupthink @ShugaAnnSpyce no closed set . no actors everything was real . window seat video notes: had intended to direct this vid alone. after working w/ coodie and chike and bouncing thoughts i asked them to join RT @TravlrStone: @fatbellybella "Window Seat" was an unbelievable moment in vulnerability and liberation. That took bawlz. @SaskiaChanel my views are condition,thus pointless .i am encouraging thought thru correct definition of #groupthink in its original intent @SaskiaChanel i make no claims , i am not qualified .William H. Whyte coined the term in 1952, in Fortune magazine . this term #groupthink intellects get in here . what are the pros and cons of shooting this type of video ? RT @Amadii: @fatbellybella the Kennedy association .i did'nt expect u to get shot,but the video appears 2 be about character assassinati ..." (Erykah Badu's Twitter -_-)
I have to admit .......I kept looking at her a** threw ought the whole video.

::What? Imma Guy!::

P.s I still hate Twitter

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Old Fart
 What? Lol he is, Anyways R.Kelly is still at it and proving to all new R&B artist that he is still in fact King of R&B with his newest single "Echo". Disregard the terrible settings in this video its cause he shot this from an home camera, umm yeah enjoy:

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Simple & Clean 

Say Hello to, the new Chanel Quilted Denim sneaker ($650) from the Spring/Summer collection. Summer is definitely making its way.  Although these sneakers were created for a woman I can already see men buying them self's a pair. Its Vans/Converse looks gives it a clean appearance that will compliment any jean perfectly.

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Would You Be Mine

 Check out ::Smoking hot!:: Chanel Iman strut her stuff for Allure Magazine:


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Say It Ain't SO

The Couple that you thought would last forever recently broke up according to Essence Magazine.I'm soo disappointed right now! Just when I was sure there was pure love in the air, they go and do this! Check out the story:

New Banks

Quick Thoughts:

* The Beat A+
* Lloyd Bank's style -_-...hes in G~unit
* Lyrics A++
* Tony Yayo sucks
* 50 Cent is horrible at directing videos 
* No Like he really bad I could've' done a better job .....seriously.
* Good attempt though, for trying to put New York back in the rap game.

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The Baddest
⇑So on Trina's New Album Cover "Amazing" she choose to go with whole Beyoncé look, you know⇑ what I mean brown hair, lace front, pink lip gloss & cream gown, Hey I'm not hating just stating. Its also funny how shes the only female rapper that didn't enhance her self surgically... & she's been out much longer then the "others" that did..hmp interesting, But ways is it just me or does she looks like the Lion from The Wizard of Oz!

☺My Bad ✌

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LoL :-)
It wasn't till I looked at this pic twice that I realized that there sneakers are doing ....well the naughty,  if you don't understand it then You my friend fail at life, BUT moving along this creation by Nike is a bit out of there norm from there normal line, I guess finally some one on Nike's board found Humor within them self's to this item hit the shelf's, hmp just wait till soccer Moms find out what really going on their kids shirts Lol:

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Its Badu Ish*
:::Her Glasses are so sick:::

So Erykah Badu decided to go with the "screw it look" on her way to the Wendy Williams show lol, But Saluters let this be a lesson to you all. Don't worry about what other people think. Do what you want when you want. "Cause its never whats in Fashion its whats your Fashion".

{That's my quote still it and I'll sue!}

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The Circus in Brooklyn 
I mean Brooklyn Circus was said to fall off after the whole Vinnie's Brooklyn shirts phase fell outta style. True! But since then BKC has upgraded their style is a huge way, Bevin Elias & the rest of his team made it there mission to never be that next going outta business store in Brooklyn. After expanded their store in they've made huge changes for the better & not only there location:

To view there Lookbook click Here

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In The Mind of Toxic

Side Note: Those are Ice creams on my feet by the way
Waddup Bloggers how yah'll feeling?
Its been a while since I told yah'll wats on my mind so lemme keep this short and sweet.
Recently I just have been bored with clothes for some reason, I don't know why though like for the past two weeks straight I've been out to either Soho or one of my secret sneaker locations -_- .......ready to shop but only to come home time & time again empty handed. (Crowd sighs) could I be to picky with my taste now? I blame you blog for enhancing my fashion I.Q! However during this aggravating slump I have however been looking at other sneaker brands such as Band of Outsiders, Y-3, Android, Clae & Radii Straight Jacket cause just about every other Nike brand is being heavily used by all the wrong people in all the wrong way.
But any who has anyone peeped the upgrade in rhymes & style of Mr. Tyga Tyga of Cash money? A+ on that Mr. Man, matter fact I Salute you. lol In conclusion I would like I would like to say.........


Take Cover

Well would you look at that, the little bugger Justin Bieber has made it to the cover of Billboard magazine this 16 year old is making such a huge impact in the music world his future is certainly postive but one question I have to ask him is.... "Does your hair ever move!"

Moving along Alek Wek, grabs the cover of South African Elle. I didn't even know they had one. I guess it would make sense to have a version for every country though. Anywho It's also their 14th anniversary issue rock on Elle!
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Round 1... Fight 

Relax no one was really fighting just wanted your opinion on who rocked these $675 Freja Lace Zipped Booties better was it Rihanna of Fefe?

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In Other News 
Naomi Campbell aka Ms.Court Room has made it to the cover of Vogue April magazine *Round of appluse* yet again but this time its for Russia.

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Ryan Leslie Adidas Commercial 

This really should of been his next single tisk tisk, its a Win for Adidas though.

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Back In Effect 

"Wu-Tang ain't dead" Although a lot of members have moved on & there probably like 50 years old, Wu-Tang Clan still proves that they are one of the best. Its also guys like this that reminds us that real street Hip Hop will always have a place in Hip-Hop despite the heavy use of Auto Tunes...Still!

Pay your respects & get there album....From a store!

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New Cam'ron 

Yo, Back in the days I used to listen to every single Diplomats record that came out .....Seriously! After they all pretty much went there own way there music started to sound a bit different and my interest just disappeared some how, Any-who here's Cam'ron rapping over an old school Reggae beat in the same format as he did when I used to be a heavy Dip-Set Fan:

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