Oh Lets Do It 

"I  **** my money up now I can't re-up" Lol gotta love that line by Waka even though I bashed him in an earlier post, his single finally grew on me, Well anywho here's his new music video "Oh Lets Do it" features Diddy & Rick Ross: 

HOLD ON: Rick Ross fur vest has .....Legs on it!!!

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Team Vans
 So after a great buzz this past year Vans decided to do something different this time around, these skater boys teamed up with MLB to create a serious of major league team Vans, well take a look to get a better under standing of what I'm talking about:
Sneaker Freaker

Air Retro Jordan 13's (Flint)
Young Money Starters
So While The Boss is away doing his time, Adam & Eve has really step up to the plate never giving the media any rest. Either releasing new music or landing it on covers like this XXL magazine, there doing what ever it takes to make sure that the Young Money name never falls off the map.
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No seriously its good Friday -_-

Ah-Waddup! Saluters sorry for the lack of post I just recently remembered that I had a ps3 & hardly used it, So I pretty much blame Sony latest game console for creating an online options cause..... well its a serious addition. Lol However if you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks allow me to lead you back into the light with HBO's latest hit "How to make it in America" featuring Man on the Moons own Kid Cudi. I posted the 1st show in an Earlier Post with only hopes that HBO wouldn't sue me silly. Successfully they didn't, so with out further ado (& um 5episodes missing) here's episode 7! Enjoy:

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