This That & The 3rd

 I could just up and leave you guys like I said I was going to do for the summer but back to the matters at hand....
Kelly Rowland is the newest member of the Album Push-Back Club, :-( Her Album has now been pushed back to November 2010. She joins Dirty Money (still no set release date) as well as Kid Cudi (pushed back to October) in Push back Territory. I can’t say the same for Kelly, But Dirty Money’s Hello, Good Morning was an excellent teaser for their last release Date in June… You have to push those albums out when that buzz is high,....Duh! Now they will definitely need another banger to push the new release date.

tisk tisk....
Meanwhile, Kanye West is still set to release his new Album on September 14th. He has however, changed his mind about the title Good Ass Job (Which thought needed change). New title To Be Announced.
 Word on the Street is that Faith Evans is prepping for the release of her new Album, to be released October 5th!! We’re excited !! Her first single is scheduled to be released any day now. Titles TBA… we’ll publish as soon as I get word.
Last but not least, snitches say that Usher & Chris Brown have recorded a song together. Not sure who’s project it will be used for but this should be interesting.
Let’s just hope Usher can keep up in the video. Yuup, I said it! lol
I’m a huge Usher fan, but that boy Chris goes off!!


Oh yeah =/ ......[sigh]. Now never in my life have I ever bashed one site soooooo many times simply because it didn't make any scents to me. "A site for what on your mind??......Blasphemy!" And to make matters worst aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll of my friends made on & used the "talk" when ever we all were to go out and I would just be in the shadows not understanding what they were talking about, but what really was the icing on the cake was when I got a blackberry & it came with a twitter app that couldn't be deleted! -_- so after days of looking at the app on my phone I was left with no choice........



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Where Have I Been?

I feel like I have abandon my kids lol! Nah its just that its summer time & quite frankly its to dog-on hot to be sitting down every day in front of this [Mac] computer screen thinking of an interesting post each day, when theirs an fun filled adventure outside just waiting for me to explore it, so until this ummmm mid August (or so...) I'm going on a hiatus. 

BUT in the mean while lemme introduce you to my new wife. 

feel free to BBM me:



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Do It All

Drizzy's back at it....

Now who doesn't like heart break Drake?

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Are You Gettin Gaupa?

From a die hard baller to up & coming rapper, this young dude {Rich} branched out from Crown Height Brooklyn, New York. Deciding enough was a enough after giving up on his hoops dreams he set his mine to were the real money is at when he picked up a mic, since then hes been in the studio none stop working hard on tracks & is even currently working a debut mixtape just check him out for your self, in this track labeled Gettin Gaupa:

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 Music Who-Ha

And Then Some....

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The Boss Rick Ross is back at it again but this time he put away the shades & the 3 pieces tailored suit
and joined the plane & spitter that is well better known as Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y on his newest track labeled Super High Remix, should I even bother to tell you why he choose these to weed heads for this track lol any who enjoy this ill video:

This video makes me wanna add on to my 8 tats =x 

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 Miami Heart Humor

So As LeBron James’ decision to leave Cleveland knew no precedent. The widely covered and much debated decision culminated in a huge ESPN special that resulted in a plane ticket to Miami to join D. Wade and Chris Bosh. Looks like one of our favorite reads decided to put their spin on what happens next via their comic strip. Check out what SN'eads had to say:

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Breaking Barbie News!!!

ATTENTION!!!! ATTENTION!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! Nicki Lewinsky has finally let the world in on when her untitled album will be dropping!! After all the hoopla the internet has created about Nicki's album & wondering if it will ever see the light of day, Nicki had this to say today via her Twitter account:
(No I still don't own a twitter account, I had my sources tell me about this information .....what seriously.)


Know for the outrageous hair colors Nicki Minaj finally choose to sit down with Hype Hair Magazine to talk all about her colored wigs, trying new makeup styles and colors and just being different. Nicki's animated personality & visually attractive ensembles always makes heads turn. Whether you have something good or bad to say about the can't front.....she knows how to capture your attentio! take a look at the "Hype Hair" article below:

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Big Boi is Serious About His Shoe Game

Don't worry Saluters one day Imma finally sit down & post a video on my sneaker collection, cause I actually am a crazed Sneaker freaker my self & I don't just talk about all these sneakers & never get em.


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Where's Wale?

Those are  Nike Air Turf Diamonds II's on his feet by the way.

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Season II Sex Camera's & Hip Hop

Here is season 2 of the popular web series "Sex, Cameras & Hip Hop". You won't want to miss out on these exclusive sex interviews with celebrities ranging from Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Styes P, DJ Kay Slay, Ray J, Play N Skills and the list goes on and on. Other websites try and imitate but they can never duplicate or do it like we do it over here!! There are also special appearances by yours truly, the NYC Gossip Girl and the outspoken Bimbo Winehouse! So check out the new season trailer............

Gotta love Jada at the end lol.

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Prison X The Charles "Chedda Bang" Walker Story

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The Real Reason Why My Recent Post Have Been Delayed

Smh, don't think that after I hit 100 followers I caught the "I'm the man flu" as most blogger's do but:

☹ Its not really my fault Blogspot won't allow me to post =/ it works when it wants to.

☹ Its to dam hot 

☹ I'm always at work

Sorry Guys!!! 

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Live Fast & Die Young

This song by Rick Ross & Kanye West is one of those push play & bop track, So with without further ado:

Shout out to Haryy De. Lano for pickup up this track 

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Sneaker Freaker

Nike Air Griffey's 
Timberland Abington 5" Boots
Nike Air Max 1
Nike S.B Mid Pro
Sorry For The Lack Of Post

But who really wants to sit down in front of a computer every day for the summer:

Cocky much? 

........Indeed ☺

But anywho Happy 4th of July weekend bloggers 

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