Round 1... Fight 

Relax no one was really fighting just wanted your opinion on who rocked these $675 Freja Lace Zipped Booties better was it Rihanna of Fefe?

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In Other News 
Naomi Campbell aka Ms.Court Room has made it to the cover of Vogue April magazine *Round of appluse* yet again but this time its for Russia.

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Ryan Leslie Adidas Commercial 

This really should of been his next single tisk tisk, its a Win for Adidas though.

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Back In Effect 

"Wu-Tang ain't dead" Although a lot of members have moved on & there probably like 50 years old, Wu-Tang Clan still proves that they are one of the best. Its also guys like this that reminds us that real street Hip Hop will always have a place in Hip-Hop despite the heavy use of Auto Tunes...Still!

Pay your respects & get there album....From a store!

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New Cam'ron 

Yo, Back in the days I used to listen to every single Diplomats record that came out .....Seriously! After they all pretty much went there own way there music started to sound a bit different and my interest just disappeared some how, Any-who here's Cam'ron rapping over an old school Reggae beat in the same format as he did when I used to be a heavy Dip-Set Fan:

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Smile Zoe
Aww Zoe Saldana made it to the cover of Nylon magazine if your not familiar with this sweetheart then pay attention cause I'm only gonna say this once lol. She was born Zoe Yadira Zaldaña Nazario in New Jersey, moved to the Dominican Republic for 7 years and studied ballet there at Ritmos Espacio de Danza academy (actually known as "ECOS Espacio de Danza Dance Academy), but later came back to the US to continue her career. She later moved to New York were she studied acting at the Faces theater program and after that got her first role of relevance in the movie Center Stage, from there she landed huge acting gigs on Star Trek & Avatar.


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Sneaker Freaker

Supra NS Collection 
Vans Half Cab LX
Romika Tennis Ball Pack
Nike S.B Dunk Skunk
Ursus Bape
Nike Air Mariah ACG
Nike "Swagger"

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