The Next G-Shock?

Waddup Bloggers, so seems about everybody got a G-shock right now, Honestly I had mine for 3 years & have pics to prove it [Oh please right] but were not going to get into that lol, anyways Pascal Mouawad & big head style man Jermaine Dupri had teamed up to create this new watch called Nu pop. My personal opinion is that its groovy I'll dance with it. (Sorry Bloggers my lingo gets outta hand sometimes but what that means basically is, that its nice I'll get it.) The Nu pop range's from $95.00 -$360.00 hmp right but its kewl still if you got the money for it.

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Anonymous said...

Watz soo speciial aboout thiis g shoock iit has musiic on iit? They need to make somethiing worth the bread...but that's my opiiniion...iim off thiis l8ta