Thats Not So Bad

* Now normally I would just post up a crap load of funny stuff with FAIL written boldly on it but this time I MUST change it. This "That Not So Bad" post is strictly is for those Nicki Minaj "fans", because this Barbie fan club thing has gotten way outta hand just scroll down and prepare to shake your head:

Way Back When I Had The Red & Black...

If you can't finish that line then you seriously need a wake up call lol, But anyways the real reason for that post title decision is because, how well do you think you know Nicki? huh I mean the real Nicki the slim one, not to hate on her but she was still cute sexy before she added all the extra goodness what do you think? :
  And she wasn't just a pretty face, hear her rhyme over old school beats such as Biggies "Warning":

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Kid Cudi- Know Why 

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Neighbors Know My Name Music Video

Ladies need I say more? Just click play and do what ever it is you do when every Trey is on....

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Sneaker Freaker 
Nike Air Carnivore Retro