New Favorite Song

Sorry Wale a new freshmen got my ears as of right now, Mr. BoB just drop this new single called "Nothing On You" featuring Bruno Mars and its been on repeat since then just listen to it for your self:

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Sneaker Freaker 

They Ain't Cool As Me Truthfully  

So as I took my weekly stroll in Soho, I stopped by Uniqlo only to notice that they got a new shipment of +J by Jill Sanders collection. Being how I was low on doe I wasn't able to buy anything, how ever I do already have multiple items owned from there all which were priced at next to nothing due to its quality, but anyways check out there newest look book:
(Who ever taught the 1st 3 guys how to pose should get fired...right now)

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Long Live McQueen 

Although God rest his soul, Alexander McQueen has pasted his Alica in Wonder Land similar works lives on heres a look at his Fall 2010 collection:

{Salutes R.I.P}

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