He surely knows how to shoot a video (or Diddy a matter of fact) cause this over the top obviously million dollar short film music video was very similar to the Notorious B.I.G Hypnotize, being how it was so action pack espically for a Hip-Hop video hmp. Anyways Rick Ross never seems to short change any of his music videos so why would he do it in this one & having the ever so sexy Stacy Dash whom is now 44 :-0, as the leading lady only makes this video that much better 

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Sneaker Freaker 

Air Jordan VI Infrared Pack
Maharam x Nike Sportwear 2010 Fall Dunk Preview 
Nike Air Windrunner TR2
Bape Slip-Off
Fan of a Fan Release!

After much speculation from the release of "G-Sh*t" & "Holla at me" its finally here the Fan of a Fan mixtape featuring none other then Tyga Tyga & and Chris Brown. Well nothing more to say then umm listen to it your self & enjoy:

In my opinion its ...aah iight wasn't as good as I expect it to be, but don't get me wrong its still its oh k.

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Dear Summer
Where the hell are you! This flip flop New York weather is pissing me off man & I'm tired of holding my jacket and a umbrella while wearing shorts lol not knowing what weather surprise mother nature would give me for the day. Why don't I just watch the news for the days weather you ask, pfft their always wrong so I go with the "I'll take my chances" method when I leave my house.
Anywho enjoy this throw back video that I listen to every Pre-summer (As I like to call these times) to remind me of whats to come:

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