Ahh Crap

Excuse my French but guys if you wasn't already dragged in to see this movie by your mate or,.....w/e you call her. Get ready to be dragged in to see it Again!
Tyler Perry just doesn't stop with his women sapping movies, make an action movie for once.... prick.

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You Know How I Know Usher is Haitian?

.........cause of those sandals.

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 Lil Duval & Natalie from Bad girls club get seated next to each other on a plane & all hell breaks loose just watch:

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Chanel Les Tromp L'Oeil Temporary Tattoo's

"Oh Fashion Fashion Fashion you never seem to fail me with your creativeness"
Chanel tattoos are currently available at Chanel boutiques Here
 These individual temporary tattoos, referencing the iconic CHANEL symbols and codes, hand-drawn by Global Creative Director of Makeup, Peter Philips, for the Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Show in Paris & it can be yours for $75. ☺
Ghetto Goth?

Huh right? I said that same thing when I herd about this as well but Violette’s Winter 2010 release you will find a line of tees inspired by hood kids that are in tune with goth style. Think of it as “the projects meets the ‘burbs”. It’s that kid from Brooklyn who listens to Metallica, wears a black trench coat, but still rocks Jordans. Jay-z said all black right so why not follow suit is Base like colors.
Sidenote: Notice the Crosses you could thank none other then Dee & Ricky For that.


*I might try this look*

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Sneaker Freaker 

 LeBron's Nike Zoom Soldier USA

Nike Dunk Low "Hulk"
Bape Spring/Summer 2010 Footwear 

Vans "Ripstop"
Nike S.B Classic Green Leaf 
Nike S.B Chrome Bells 

Vans Classic Chambray
Nike Air Structure Triax '91

Air Jordan 7 Motor Sports Elephant Print  

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Oh Snap!

Although its a stupid picture its so true. Why is it that women and men see themselves so differently though??? I think it's because us men look in the mirror and see the bigger picture. We look at it as if we have a car, job, etc. While women only take into account their looks. It seems like yah'll aren't much more than what you look like to the world so that's all yah'll only see. I think you should change that though. Ladies you should look in the mirror and see more than your physical appearance. You should however see your accomplishments, the adversity you've overcome, the places you've been in life. basically the character you posses. 
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