Finally Famous 

I seen this a few days ago, and had the mind set of posting it but waited a little just to see how people would react to it. Maybe people didn't quite know about the flow before hand, or maybe they just really like Gucci's Lemonade beat, but anyways just hush up and listen to it cause " That boy Big Sean He make Gooood music" lol:

Get Familiar 
 If you wasn't already familiar with the heavily advertised CiROC the Ultra Premium "Voka" {Puffs replacement word for Vodka} well then here's his newest ad for his new found glory:

Movie Buzz

Now although Titled "The Losers" this movie is far from it, filled with action and explosives and to me seems like they punch in a tad bit of comedy as well,
ZARA TRF Spring/ Summer 2010 Collection Book Preview 

If The Shoe Fits...

Now you know that saying "If the shoe fits wear it" right? I think Kelis took that saying
Air Retro Ray

Has anyone seen the last Boston game? Vs. the Magic?.....No =( it was a good game though but my eyes weren't on the action of the game it self. My attention was drawn more to Ray Allen's shoe game 
as he was knocking down 3's just as Ray always does, but he did it while sported the Air Retro 12's, just one of the perks of being on Team Jordan you get all the exclusive's. 
Capo ......on a Train?

  • I apologize for all the videos I  keep posting up back to back, if my page loads slower its because of it but I just had to share all of this with you guys, But anyways notice how excited Jimmy gets when he goes threw the train carts somebody has been famous for waaay to long lol.
Jada Models for Coogi

It looks like the owners of Coogi (which also seems to be same dudes who own FUBU) have Jadakiss as one of their models. Jadakiss brings so much street credibility to the game that I think he may be able to bring Coogi back to the forefront of Hip Hop fashion. Well I herd that one of the owners of Coogi & Fubu (who still remains nameless) is a real snake and doesn't like to pay people what they owe them. It's also been said that one of these so-called owners is not really an owner at all but is just a regular employee who's steals from his own company. But anyways I'm hoping the company doesn't screw around with Jada's money!!
Jadakiss' Coogi Shoot from Coogi on Vimeo.
Fashion Week Continues

This is more then a week! ...But take a look at the ever so common in the fashion world Kanye & Amber make there presence known, BUT also making a scene is Ciara check her out "How You doin!" lol:

It's Seriously Barbie 

  • Just Great another song for girls to reject guys to way to lady's. (However Its not that good of a song though, despite the fact that they did seem to be having loads of fun making this video.)

Well not really but, Mariah is looking pretty rugged in this un-photoshopped Observer cover. It almost reminds me of the way she looked in Precious movie LOL.
Wale Performs at Howard for Haiti Benefit Concert

That's how you rock the mic ....{Salutes}
Now I for one have realize that you actually get what you pay for. A few months ago I purchased a a pricey MacBook Pro:

But every feature about it I love, from its sleek design to missing right click & how could I forget that each of its programs has I tune set up (Use one and you'll know what I'm talking about). But I also gained a new found glory for Apples devices & new designs. Speaking of new have you herd of about Apples new iPad?:

Kid Cudi- Cudder Is Back

Now I don't think that this is actual video for this song, but its a pretty cool video to watch ain't it?
Great concept & good lyrics but ugh strictly Ignorance, all that money gone to this video because  it can't even be aired....smooth. -_- (Sarcastic tone) His money not mine but anyways , take a look at this new music video by Currency called Breakfast: 

Sneaker Freaker

They Can not be serious!

  • Now I tried to be an adult about this Commercial but this is just outrageous if it sells.
Thats Not So Bad

Believe it or not

No its has nothing to do with Ripleys ....well not yet as of yet but anyways, I always meant to post this but I guess it always slipped my mind take a look at this:

P.S-Sorry for the Crappy music. =/
LOL ah man!
{Sigh I can't believe I'm doing this} But I was on YouTube clicking around and what not & I found a very very very! Old dance video that my friends and I made but I warn you it sucks, but I found it funny I hope you enjoy the very bad quality of this video but Hey at least we where doing something positive:

Daddy's Lil Boy 

F.a.b.o.l.o.u.s little boys has grown up even tho still looks nothing like him lol its safe to say that lil Johan will at least have his fathers style:

Enter Galactic

"Get ready pop it lets go!" -

I know this happened to all of us I-pod owners at least once, Have you ever had that friend with that one song that got you to dance like there's no tomorrow, but got it from a source of another world but you still wanted it? So you googled, youtubed & evened lime wired it and still couldn't find it. Well stress no longer cause with this new device called MiShare it allows you to transfer music files & images easily with ought a computer.

Ones Mans Trash Is Roberts Treasure.

Robert Bradford came up with this idea that old recycled toys would be a great addition to work with during one of his art creations mainly toys are used but so are other colorful plastic bits and pieces, such as combs and buttons, brushes and parts of clothing clips. In 2002, he started believing that his children’s forgotten toys could have as part of something bigger. Bradford says he likes the idea that the plastic pieces have a history, some unknown past, and that they also pass on a “cultural” history as each of the pieces represents a point in time. Recycling is not really his concern, but each piece he uses is prevented from being landfill. Some of the sculptures contain pieces from up to 3,000 toys and sell for $19,000.... hmp not bad for what could've just been a hand me down.

Natalia Vodianova & Diddy by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue February 2010.

How Low-LUDA (Music Video)

I tried staying away from the typical copy & pasting from major info sites but this Video was a must post, Even with Ludacris success level being where its at not with the many platinum albums & the big movie checks hes still able to make funny music videos as well keep doing yah thing. (Salute)
Guys have you ever wondered what happened to your girl at 10 or 11pm on Tuesdays?

Well its to watch Bad Girls Club duh! lol, I'm not saying I watch it our anything.....but aaah :-) here's what happened on this weeks episode:

Extra Extra Hear All About It!

Download it

  •  Juelz has a new joint for yah''ll feature Lil Wayne called "Homerun" its pretty sick listen to it mane (Salute)

Timbaland feat. Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again

This was always in the back of my mind but never really focused on it but, Kate Perry is one fine tool Lol no wonder Travis from Gym Class Hero's popped the question to  her.

Stuart Weitzman Spring 2010


Call me wrong for putting these two people right after each other in my blog but pfft oh well I just happen to find interesting...
I Got The Right To Be Cocky 
Lol Waddup Bloggers, my bad I just been listening to Wale way long into the night but anyways...

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Designer Collaborations Lookbook

Waddup Bloggers, Jean Paul Gaultier has gotten their hands on the in look! Now you can clearly pick out what you like from the collection, take your pick from leather jackets, tattoo leggings and tops, striped tops, printed dresses to trench coats. Prices range from $17.99 for swimsuit to $199 for leather jackets, oh and the  trenches for $59.99. This collection is set to release on March 7th, so you could save while still looking good. By the way who the heck said style had a prince rang.  (Salute)

Who Sucks at Dancing?
                                                                                           .....Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr does:

I can't fight you cause you'll sue me

Nas has to be one of the few rappers that has mastered story telling while rapping just DROP EVERYTHING & LISTEN:


So Ms.Wardrobe malfunction her self Janet Jackson is on the cover of Gotham magazine (what ever happen to Jermaine Dupri?) but to me her pose is so ...Blah what do you think?

  • Vans Vault Sk8 LX June 2010
  • Supra Collection 2010

And I wonder...

SSsh! have you herd? Tim Burton’s upcoming remake of Alice in Wonderland, starring Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway is coming out. Its pretty much the same ol' movie just updated with current day technology & Oh! the usage of real life actors rather then cartoons...but um that's pretty much it so go see it March 5 but don't "tell anyone I told you".
Watch Video Alice in Wonderland Trailer 2010 - Funny bloopers are a click away

OPI even fell into the Hype and created four limited-edition nail lacquer shades inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

    Flashing Lights {Music plays}

    Here are Rihanna's snap shots for W magazine even though I'm still iffy about her cause of.. well you know, but anyways shes doing her thing I can't even hate:

    Ain't been notice yet

    Waddup bloggers now off the top how many celeb trend setters can you think of off the top of yah head? Kanye? Pharrell? Cudi? Jay? Nicki? Rihanna? now those names are always herd over and over but to me who I always thought had a real "grown man" style was none other then "Mr.YUUUP!" Lol yeah you guessed it Trey Songz. Although he wears the top flashy flashy clothing brands, he always puts his outfits together in a way that's straight classy & doesn't yell the clothing brand for instances take this outfit he wore to Angela Yee's party:

    Fashion Plus or bust?

    • Its BARBIE! with her $635 Alexander McQueen geometric print leggins.
    • What about Rihanna's $2,212 Rick Ownes..Pea Co.....umm Dress.....aaah Scarf ????
    • Omaraion's LV shades?
    • Ms. Keys outfit at the "Element of Freedom in Japan." (Her pumps looks like ice cubes lol)
    • Ashanti's New hair do even tho she did bite the ever so swagful Teyana Taylor ?

    You call yah self a cool cat?

    Waddup Bloggers, I know I haven't been as up to-date with my post its only cause this pass week I was always out with friends doing lord knows what & by the time I got back all the good stuff were basically posted on some other blog lol, but anyways please tell me you guys seen the last American Idol in Atlanta if you didn't please take a look at this:
    • Wait a minute did he just say this year will be my birthday? .

    Love is stronger then pride

    Its 4:14am your crying cause he cheated, your friends warned you about him bout you denied it So he told you what her want you wanted to hear now look at you, you went threw his phone & found pics of other girls 3 years wasted just like that So you listened to him now look at you, You aborted your baby just for him but realized he acts funny during sex So he didn't want it now look at you, You sent pictures that you swore to your self you would take you believed in him now look at you, You bought him diamonds & all the fancy clothes cause its what he really wanted you didn't have it but you got it now look at you, He says no to the movies with you but yes to a party's with the guys He wears nice clothes now look at you, So he texts you that hes about to sleep so you wont here the party sounds in the back You remember what happened last time he told you that? Now look at you, He hit you... But you still love him.
    ~ TOXiC 1:14
    • I wrote this because I got a few close female friends that just never seem to get the picture.

    Best Music Video Animantion!!!

    • Waddup Bloggers, I know I'm a tad bit too late with the whole best of 09 who ha's but I just had to remind you guys of the ever so creative genius Mr.West for sharing one my favorite 09'music video "HEARTLESS!":

    Underated not understated

    One person that really gets over looked at in the rap game is Jay Jenkins better known as Young Jeezy. He 1st hit the scenes as the very well criticized "Snow man" (Remember the T-Shirts lol) & also was a member of the Boyz in the Hood rap group but always had that edge over everyone else in that group leading him to later go solo while still under Bad Boy at the time. Remember the beef with him & Gucci Mane? It was because Jeezy said that he helped Gucci write "Icy" but when royalties came in he never seen any. (Crowd says: aww) to me shouldn't of been that big of a deal as it was but w/e. That situation was a while ago since then there beef is long dead & more then enough money has been brought to both of these guys plates for them to still be bitter sweet about it. However what most people don't know is Jeezy does in fact have a platinum album under his belt which is simply impossible to get these days, and is now settled comfortably with Def Jam and doesn't seem like hes leaving anytime soon. But anyways for your success Jeezy I Salute you.

    Writters Block!

    Ugh don't you just hate when this happens, I have absolutely nothing to say, nor does anything current interest me at the moment come on 2010 I dare you to fascinate me with anything appealing.*Sigh* But anyways till further notice I'll catch you guys on the flip side. (Puts on shades) ....Salutes

    C'mon Son 9

    Waddup Saluters , Now what blog would be correct if you didn't have at least one of Ed Lovers famous "C'Mon! Son!" videos...Enjoy:

    Sneaker Freaker

    • Nike Air Penny III
    • Nike Blazor S.B Gold leaf
    • Givenvchy Sneakers (Extreme traffic stoppers)
    • Supra Skytop Heartbreaker 2010
    • Nike Air Flightposite II (retro)
    • Nike S.B Blazor
    • Nike Air Max LeBronVII

    Enter Galactic

    • This is a pretty sick idea taking from inner city parking lots, its an underground garage because now a days its not even safe to keep your car in your garage. lol
    • This TouchMan cellphone that turns into a communication furniture when connected to the main device at home, it let you communicate and share emotions with your friends in an visual way. It also serves a instant messenger and aquarium so you can watch your contact like fishes in an aquarium on the touchscreen. They could change color and activity to their current moods and availability. Use the camera to chat with many contacts at the same time.
    • This is a Hi-Can Bed that comes with a built in entertainment center, Its projector like screen allows you to watch t.v surf the web & play games all from the comfort of your bed.
    • Although it doesn't look as stable as a table should be still you got to give props to French designer John Nouanesing for his blood like table creation.