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Waddup Bloggers You like the new layout? I know its a bit etchy but hey I'm not a digital artist what can I say, but any-who being how I'm in New York state of mind lemme give yah'll a lil flash back of when New York sheltered real hip-hop. When I say real hip-hop I mean stepping out of the booth and "hit'n the streets freestyle'n & battle'n." [Nice, I have my own lingo] Here's a clip of Young Money's own Jae Millz back in the days when he was the freestyle king oh yeah profanity is used heavily so if there are any kids around, chances are you might wanna move those suckers K! Enjoy.

Its Gudda Hoe

Young Money!...never stops with the constant distribution of there music that's mainly why there so much in the public eye, which is also why all of there artist lyrics seems to be getting better and better just take ear off & listen to Gudda Gudda's mixtape.

The Best things in life are....

ON FLIPPIN ON YOU TUBE!!!!! lol Waddup Bloggers, now everyone pretty much knows about Youtube (DUH) but what are you mainly looking for when you go on Youtube huh? Sports Highlights? Wardrobe malfunctions? Music Videos? T.V show clips? Yawn!!!! Youtube has waay more to offer then simply that, such as weird inside scoops in celebs lives (Ou), even step-by-step instructions on how to hacked into phones (WOAH!) & much so more. But anyways I have 3 of my all time favorite insiders I like to call em, that always gets a laugh out of me no matter how many times I watch it.
  • The 1st clips is soooo going to be happening at my wedding.... well of course many many years from now.
  • This 2nd clip Is just flat out hilarious.
  • I'm Pretty sure everyone seen this clip but still Enjoy!

Oh yeah...

I refused to create a twitter but seems to me as if everyone & there Dog has created one so I went to the next "best" thing -_-....No not Facebook simpleton lol its this new site called formspring yeah yeah I know it sounds like a pottery website or something but its actually not its a website simply built for questions that just needs to be answered feel free to join if you, its nothing to major tho made I it simply cause I was bored dammit. So um yeah lol with that being said If you have anything to ask me feel free:

Sneaker Freaker

  • Air Max Skyline Sunset
  • Nike Dunk HI Valentine Day
  • Adidas Nizza Low Canvas
  • Vans Switch Back
  • Supra Spring 2010
Nike Air Flight Condor HI (thumbs up)
  • Nike S.B HI Wool
  • Adidas Star Wars Sky Walker
  • ACG Woodside boots (There's are sick)

In the mind of TOXiC

Waddup bloggers, how yah''ll living? Warm I hope warm cause its freezin like a mutha out here in NYC brr. So today I had the full mind set to go out & get a I-phone finally cause a new phone up grade is badly needed lol in my life right about now, but along my way to the Apple store I was stop dead in my tracks by this gold shiny sexy thang in the window seal it was a big face two tone King Master watch now I window shopped one to many times in my life, but this time I couldn't cared less. I whipped out my debt card in .02 sec flat & purchased it with no regrets.....well other then that I forgot that was with the I-phone money [womp womp!] lol oh well you live once right.

2 Train story

Waddup Bloggers, So I'm on the 2 train right & those typical New York Bums gets on and everyone already quickly focuses on the nearest ...anything lol to them until this homeless guy leaves, but low & behold this guy had to be in a rank all on his own cause he was a high maintenance bum NO LIKE HE REALLY WAS as he semi cleared this train:[ Lol he was a small guy but Guess where on the train he was] from his smell alone he went around asking for any loose change after the typical mini well organized speech. But just before he got to me a lady on the train offered him a half eaten sandwich from subways [you know eat fresh] & he sad NO "I'm not that desperate" with an attitude, at that point the whole train looked at him as if he had voted for McCain, but we soon all had a good laugh, But that funny moment wouldn't last for long as he cleared the whole train with just one hand & begun to...
{Salutes} Later Bloggers!

Girls these days ain't nuffin but trouble

"Gon Get chu some!" Was most def a super duper sky high fly video as well as Big Sean's lyrics, but in the back of my mind I kept saying to my self hm another one hit wonder, BUT under the label G.O.O.D music? naaaah man I don't think Kayne would ever let any of his artist be that so I just kept him in mind along side all the rest of the Rookie Hip-hop artist this year & I can assure you Big Sean in time will be big in Hip-hop, just listen to his featured verse in this song Poe'd up by Fly Union. (Salutes)


Waddup Bloggers, So its Saturday morning the day after Christmas, now although my Christmas was a blast all I could think about its the massive amount of people that are going to come to my job & return all there unwanted gifts...."oh joy -_-", but anyways as I wait to start the longest shift in the world I turned on my T.v & seen this which immediately flip my mood. And I know for a fact that everyone knows this song so...FEEL FREE TO SING ALONG!! lol

That's not so bad

Happy Holiday to all & God bless I hope everyone got everything they wanted this year cause I sure hell didn't however I surely was Santa this year but I ever got my "3 Ho's". But lemme not be a Scrooge this year its Christmas dammit! Lol anyways while everyone is enjoying there gifts I'll add on some laughs to go along with it enjoy:

To be or not to be...

Waddup Bloggers, can you believe its X-mas eve already "slow down year I not done with you yet" . Lol well anyways take a look at this Liquid Lamp by Japanese designer Kouichi Okamoto This lamp is designed to look like an overturned bucket spilling red paint or blood (depends on where you mind is). Depending on the lamps style, it can also stand on your table by the spilled "liquid" or oozing down your wall. Here are a few other of his Designs:
  • That's a clock.......WOW!
* Glass tank * Kouichi light

Ben Franklin Baby picture

I just cop'd the "We are Young Money" album & it gets one thumb up although I do have a few that I don't like but then again I some that I do like like such as; New Sh**,Pass the Dutch, F**k the bull Sh*t, Girl I got you, Night Life ft. Wale, and Roger That. But I think Wezzy should take a step back & let Young Money do there thing stop hopping on every track over shining everyone lol, all his artist have there own unique style let em show it Wayne. Oh & drop there albums already Geez notice that nobody under Wayne has a album out yet & how long Niki been under Wayne years you say? Mix tape wont hold you down for ever mang...hmp or will it? "But I'm not hate'n just state'n" but don't get me wrong again the album is hard .......YOUNG MONEY baby.

Sneaker Freaker

I thought this was sooo sick I had to throw it up here, No its not a Cake lol its a Tapestry Grape Air Retro Jordan V Sneaker Designed by Emma Sulzer (Google her) she has a collection of Tapestry items, each item took her about 40 hours to make, Good thing its a kick ass work of art being how it takes a hear & a day to make.
  • Nike Air Zoom Uptempo V Premium
  • Converse Chuck Taylor Missoni
  • Futura Nike Air Force 1 high - Be True
  • Adidas Jeremy Scott Summer 2010 Collection

Its the ROC baby

  • Hova still doing his thing (Cheers) shout out to the whole ROCnation.

When life hands you lemons...

Waddup Bloggers, I'm sort of blank of ideas at the moment but this came across my mind so I said lemme give it a shot. [Sigh] I'm pretty secure with my sexuality to say that I actually have a male best friend, This post is solely dedicated to my main mans Boogs. Cause as I look back on my life, we pretty much did about everything together .....(RELAX!) who would of thought that a crown heights English class master/ Computer Wiz would become friends with me an average class clown. Lord only knows how many years I actually knew this dude but like I mentioned before all the point of interest things I did in my life was basically with this dude such as, never going threw a weekend without missing a party, to walking across the earth just because or body's will allow us to, & even sounding the same, but threw it all I would be lien if I said say he was anything but a brother to me. (Salute) to you Homie.
  • So they say in life all you need is one good friend...well since I'm man enough to say I got mine who's yours?

Who that?

This post is all about good fun my finals are all done with, & I'm hoping I pass just at least lol, but mean while I kick back & wait for my scores to roll in enjoy this game I like to call "Who that?" (said with a ghetto voice) its old pics of today's stars lets see how many you can guess.
  • Hint: ....um ruff.
  • Hint: Hi, my name is um...
  • Hint: Seriously do you need one
  • Hint: Ask Jay Z
  • Hint: "Hold on Imma let you talk but..."
  • Hint: Roses do smell like poo
  • Hint: Wheres Nelly?
  • Hint: Wheres the White cup?
  • Hint: No its not TuPac shouts to G-unit tho
  • Hint: ..Speaking of the Unit
  • Hint: Dirty ENT "we all we got"
  • Hint: Chris Brown hands knows this face
  • Hint: Russell Simmons would know who she is.
  • Hint: T.S
  • Hint: "yeeeaaah Boy!"
  • Hint: Throw yah diamonds up
  • Hint: it was all a dream... no not Martin Luther King Jr doofus
  • Hint: Adidas sponsors her
  • Hint: Screw it you won't get it Olivia & if you thought that was bad....
  • Hint: "WHAAAAAT..........OOOOH KK! "