Christopher Ward Your Fired!

So recently TMZ put out that yet again Hip-Hops laughing stock Yung Berg got robbed, when I 1st herd this I said to my self "You gotta be kiddin me not again!" after all he's been there with the 1st robbery and the Manio smack Berg got robbed again? but it was false here to back him up is Yung Berg him self listen in:

Dude how many times do you need to fix your hat, relax we get it & I was gonna let him slide cause TMZ tried to clown him BUT since you wanna be all cocky you leave me no other choice...
& if you think that's bad....

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The Real McCoy
Pretty Ms. Lisa Raye at 42, is coming to a television near you with her new reality show called "The Real McCoy". The show will focus on her life as a celebrity, a Mom and much more! Tune into TV One on April 8th at 10pm to watch how it all goes down. You can also check out this clip from the show:

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Put a Ring On It
 Ron Brownz (Notice his eyes brows the
The Good The Bad & Waste of Money 
 When I seen this I thought it was so sick, theirs a Nintendo 64 App (Even tho that's a super Nintendo controller) for Itouch/Phones. Now if your a fan of classic's like me, then this would be a perfect addiction for your.
So Motorola Devour decided to make a new slide-out touch screen QWERTY Android phone, that goes for $150 with a 2 year Verizon contract. "Might as well just get a sidekick right?"

So as Twitter finds numerous ways for me to never create account, here's just one of the reason, this Tweet Peek sells for 199.95 on with no monthly contract & it only allows you to tweet nothing else...hmp


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