Explicit Katrina Laverne Taylor Photos
"Damm kid they got you". Someone who found Trina's phone & released these pictures of her and is
threatening to release more (including of Kenyon Martin) if he's not paid $100,000. should she pay? I mean should she does have the money:

Attention Saluters!
If you ever wanna hear a joke , have any questions or even ideas I should put in my blog feel free to ask away on my formspring or just OovoO me at: Toxic822  <- [Remember those numbers that's my birthday.] lol


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Own The Cat Walk 
 Jeremy Scott
In The Mind of Toxic 

Waddup Bloggers, its been a while since I let you guys get a 1st class ticket into my life so I decided Hell now is the time, so today was yet again a snow storm in New York -_- and guess who had to be at work at 10am {points to face & makes the -_- face} when nobody shoveled it, thanks Job. But despite outsides horrible weather I got to get off the floor and was giving a task that I never wish to do again, I had to find about 2,000 crappy mismatch shoes & pair them back together...{ I never finished ssh}

So as my shift ended & my Retro 7's got ruined in the snow my son Boogz the dude on the right went around ...basically window shopped . {Why lie I'm still a fly guy} But anyways I'm sorry that I never mentioned these two highly important women in my life sooner but, here it goes:
Theirs soooooooooo much more but laziness got the best of me but yeah you get the idea, here is Little Ms.Shoe Game I never give as much credit as she deserves but without here I don't know where I would be in life, Next I have the person who keeps me alive like seriously she always keeps food in Toxic's Tummy:

Yeeeeeaaaaah Man! thats my boo I forgot her name, but she always lets me slide, even when times were hard she was always there to make my tummy happy and everyone knows a way to a mans heart is threw his stomach. 

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Christopher Ward Your Fired!

So recently TMZ put out that yet again Hip-Hops laughing stock Yung Berg got robbed, when I 1st herd this I said to my self "You gotta be kiddin me not again!" after all he's been there with the 1st robbery and the Manio smack Berg got robbed again? but it was false here to back him up is Yung Berg him self listen in:

Dude how many times do you need to fix your hat, relax we get it & I was gonna let him slide cause TMZ tried to clown him BUT since you wanna be all cocky you leave me no other choice...
& if you think that's bad....

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The Real McCoy
Pretty Ms. Lisa Raye at 42, is coming to a television near you with her new reality show called "The Real McCoy". The show will focus on her life as a celebrity, a Mom and much more! Tune into TV One on April 8th at 10pm to watch how it all goes down. You can also check out this clip from the show:

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Put a Ring On It
 Ron Brownz (Notice his eyes brows the
The Good The Bad & Waste of Money 
 When I seen this I thought it was so sick, theirs a Nintendo 64 App (Even tho that's a super Nintendo controller) for Itouch/Phones. Now if your a fan of classic's like me, then this would be a perfect addiction for your.
So Motorola Devour decided to make a new slide-out touch screen QWERTY Android phone, that goes for $150 with a 2 year Verizon contract. "Might as well just get a sidekick right?"

So as Twitter finds numerous ways for me to never create account, here's just one of the reason, this Tweet Peek sells for 199.95 on Amazon.com with no monthly contract & it only allows you to tweet nothing else...hmp


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Ahh Crap

Excuse my French but guys if you wasn't already dragged in to see this movie by your mate or,.....w/e you call her. Get ready to be dragged in to see it Again!
Tyler Perry just doesn't stop with his women sapping movies, make an action movie for once.... prick.

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You Know How I Know Usher is Haitian?

.........cause of those sandals.

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 Lil Duval & Natalie from Bad girls club get seated next to each other on a plane & all hell breaks loose just watch:

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Chanel Les Tromp L'Oeil Temporary Tattoo's

"Oh Fashion Fashion Fashion you never seem to fail me with your creativeness"
Chanel tattoos are currently available at Chanel boutiques Here
 These individual temporary tattoos, referencing the iconic CHANEL symbols and codes, hand-drawn by Global Creative Director of Makeup, Peter Philips, for the Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Show in Paris & it can be yours for $75. ☺
Ghetto Goth?

Huh right? I said that same thing when I herd about this as well but Violette’s Winter 2010 release you will find a line of tees inspired by hood kids that are in tune with goth style. Think of it as “the projects meets the ‘burbs”. It’s that kid from Brooklyn who listens to Metallica, wears a black trench coat, but still rocks Jordans. Jay-z said all black right so why not follow suit is Base like colors.
Sidenote: Notice the Crosses you could thank none other then Dee & Ricky For that.


*I might try this look*

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Sneaker Freaker 

 LeBron's Nike Zoom Soldier USA

Nike Dunk Low "Hulk"
Bape Spring/Summer 2010 Footwear 

Vans "Ripstop"
Nike S.B Classic Green Leaf 
Nike S.B Chrome Bells 

Vans Classic Chambray
Nike Air Structure Triax '91

Air Jordan 7 Motor Sports Elephant Print  

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Oh Snap!

Although its a stupid picture its so true. Why is it that women and men see themselves so differently though??? I think it's because us men look in the mirror and see the bigger picture. We look at it as if we have a car, job, etc. While women only take into account their looks. It seems like yah'll aren't much more than what you look like to the world so that's all yah'll only see. I think you should change that though. Ladies you should look in the mirror and see more than your physical appearance. You should however see your accomplishments, the adversity you've overcome, the places you've been in life. basically the character you posses. 
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Jay-z BBC Interview 

...Why is his legs cross like a Lady


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Major NBA Trades 

T Mac aka Kobe's rival, well when hes not injured is coming home to the Knicks! But don't gloat just yet because NewYork lost an arm & a leg just to make salary room for him. How much you wonder? Well we lost Larry Huges, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries TWO 1st round picks (<-outrageous) & most of all:
Little Nate Robinson was sent off to Boston :-( the only hype that NY's Basketball had.

Oh yeah & Cleveland gets power forward Antawn Jamison.


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Flavor of Stardom

Waadup Saluters, yah'll remember the show Flava of Love right? What in the world happen to the winners or at least the outrageously flawless girls that was on the show season after season. I'm pretty sure that only Flav was the only person on that show that was there for Flav lol like seriously not even Rick believed in Flav finding love:
Sidenote: His job was so point less , But anyways what happened to those girls that names always stuck in peoples minds well here's what I came up with after 3 hours of intense searching..... There all "Video Honeys/Diva" yup each and ever last one of them, well those who matter the most of course:
 Way to go Hoopz,Buckeey,Bootz & Deelishis American is so proud of you.

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