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Fashion Is Over Rated
Style is whats in....

"Never believe in the Hype be that hype"

What I meant by saying that is, well I'm sick & tired of people looking, sounding and even acting the same, I can only speak from a New Yorkers state of mind. The world is way to big for us to basically living in uniform, experiment, be different, take risk, take that left, Its one thing for people to not accept you for your self but even worst when they don't for being someone your not...

[Basically In a Nut Shell..]

Be your self people & flip the bird to whom ever doesn't like it.

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Chris Brown is Back

Now I know you guys are pretty tired of hearing about ....well you know, when ever Chris Brown name is mentioned but you have to give the dude credit for he has refused to let that stop his career from ending, He again proves to us all that "Dancing will never die." Which he illustrates in his latest music video titled Yeah 3x, which is full oh twist & flips just as we are all acustomed to seeing the old* Chris  doing keep up the good work CB:


You guys seen the Micheal Jackson vibe in Chris's moves, or am I the only one the picked that up...

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