No Love Video Eminem ft Lil Wayne 

Do I even have to tell you what I think about this.... Enjoy:

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Look In The Mirror

Before I even heard this I posted it, the trailer was crazy & the line up is ridiculous is just an automatic banger.

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Sneaker Freaker

=0 !!!!

I wanted to cry once I seen these. Because Lord knows I barely post anymore let alone about sneakers although I'm still a heavy sneaker fan, take a look at these up & coming Red Nike Air Griffey's Max 1. 

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Kanye West- So Appalled

G.O.O.D. Fridays complete with melodramatic artwork is the best thing Kanye has come up with since he used to release good music. This week's edition provides another all-star lineup including Hov, and Rza, neither of whom can pronounce ri-dic-u-lous:

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Marco!!! .......New Polo

Take a look at Ralph Laurens Fall/Winter line set to hit store's soon:

Black Label Brown Leather Bomber $3495
Freak Dance Trey Songz ft T.I & Swizz Beats

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New Kanye 

If you were wondering last Friday "What the heck happen to the new song Kanye?" Like I was well he hasn't forget he just released it on Saturday...... Because he's Kanye & he's just cool like that enjoy:

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What You Doing?

.........Bull sh*ttin

 So many times I wish I could've said that to one of my head managers at work >=0 , When they asked me that question. *Sigh* But to bad I'm just a black young male addicted to retail, Anyways Enjoy Big Sean's latest video "What You Doing?":

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Nike ACG Bakin' Posite Boot

This year has been a Foamposite fans wet dream. Whether or not you like the sneakers that has snuck out of Beaverton you have to admit it has given you a lot to talk about between all of the Air Foamposite colorways that released or the foamed out hybrids that have released.

Houston I think I found my winter boot :-) 

Love at 1st site.

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Wale The Work Video

I always said to my self, that you label a rapper's status by how many chains he or she has, but now being a heavy Wale fan I see that chains don't mean nothing in this industry. 

P.s- Notice he already has the purple half cents ......grr  #Sneakerhead

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From Milk Shake To Wine Glass

Kelis goes high class as she takes center stage for London's Wonderland Magazine, She brings Her Signature Style To The 5th Anniversary Of London’s Wonderland Magazine.

“Crafty, sexy and crammed with magnificent, mellifluous floor fillers, (Flesh Tone is) undoubtedly one of the landmark albums of 2010” - Wonderland Magazine
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Jeremy Scott Collection

Adidas Originals & Jeremy Scott team-up producing their fall/spring collection lookbook — seemingly packed with shiny suits & wings! Is this what a ‘fashion fail’ looks like…?

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Cover That

Just when you thought Drizzy was taking some time off after releasing his debut album a couple of months ago, he graces the cover of the classic Jet magazine hitting the stands Sept 20th.

Oh k this isn't a cover pic but I would seriously be a fool to not post Ciara's Maxim Mag's photo shoot on this post.

* ♥♥♥Sigh♥♥♥*

The always fashionable Solange Knowles covers the September/October 2010 Issue of FashIzBlack Magazine.

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Kanye West: Runaway ft. Pusha T Live at the VMA's

So here's the track that Kanye debuted at the VMAs & is setting the internet on fire right now.  (I'm I the only one that noticed that he did the beat while performing gotta love Mr.West) Personally I got to say the performance was amazing & this song is going to be a monster hit shout out to Pusha T for killing his part to.

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Kanye West Good Friday

Listen to it, love it, enjoy this.....G.O.O.D music:

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The fact that they labeled this video as Jimmy Neutron alone, had me in tears throughout the whole video enjoy:

You gotta love how he really gets into it toward the middle of the song go...... Jimmy go Jimmy go!!!

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::In a dark & creepy voice::

Nike Air Turf Diamonds I will have you....


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Not A Fan Of But I'll Look Cool In This...

North skull Jesus & King Tut piece:

6243 N College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 466-1173
You Be Killin Em - Loso Ft Ryan Lesile

Now everyone knows about Fabolous lyrical game, now add that to a Ryan Lesile beat........"Niiice!!!"

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Manio Slap's Jenks

Its kinda long but worth the length, enjoy as an average (White Guy) Jenks takes you into the life of Manio:

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Little Ms. Smith 

So I guess that Willow Smith got tired of just being in the background of the rest of her family's superstar fame and decided to make a name for her self. At just 9 years old,  She has leaked her new single "Whip My Hair." That has already drawn comparisons to none other then Rihanna.
Celebrities have been taking to twitter to promote any new song so Willow did that same.
Solange Knowles tweeted, 
"Willow Smith make me wanna whip some haiiirrr in this house. Ummm kill em girl. Kill em!"
R&B singer and "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Brandy posted, 
"OK, these lil Smith kids are AMAZING!!
I whip my hair back and forth... Ms Willow is not to be played with!!"
Jada recently told Ambassador magazine that Willow is working on an album. Rumors about Willow signing to Jay Z's Roc Nation music label are unconfirmed.

Tell me what you think of Willow's debut single Whip My Hair:

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My Labor Day Weekend

Well every New Yorker knows what Labor Day is because of its huge Caribbean population, but if your not from here every 1st Monday of September us Caribbean people get together for a huge parade on Eastern Parkway. But us being from the Caribbean we party the whole weekend before, lol Now I don't have all the pics of what I was doing this weekend but....I was how ever doing a little bit of this:

And a whole lot of this:

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Flash Back of The Day 

.....When J.lo was actually hot. 


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And We Rollin....

No longer a freshmen anymore, Big Sean from G.O.O.D music finally releases Finally Famous vol III, this guy is serious about his rap ranging from D-town (Detroit) hes the only one from his draft class that drop 3 mixtape so far: (Thumbs up)

! Just know the FF don't stand for Fendi !

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