All of The Lights Kanye Ft. Drake & Rihanna 

Wow.  This is just a medium-quality web rip and unfinished.  But it's unreal.  Can't wait for the final.

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My Reality Lil Wayne Ft Gudda Gudda 

Here's My Reality featuring Mack Maine and Gudda Gudda on there as well.  This is an old verse from Wayne, I forgot which song.  But I remember I was considering "Our reality is bigger than your dreams are" as our tagline.  You know, because it's ironic.  Our reality is very, very dim.

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The Naked Famous:Young Blood (Chiddy Bang rmx)

Xaphoon and Chiddy do what they do best, take the best parts of hit songs and pair them up with intricate production and punchy verses. They've done it with MGMT, and they're back at it w/ The Naked and Famous, this one is totally tubular.

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Obey 2010 Holiday Look Book

I’m not sure what’s up with the weather in NYC, yesterday got all hot and humid in the 70s & today it’s extra warm! I’m not sure how to dress anymore, but it’s always safe to bring a light jacket at night because it does get chilly. Lots of nice jackets in OBEY Females Clothing’s holiday 2010 collection, the collection is comprised of easy holiday party looks, cozy comfort pieces grounded in OBEY’s continuous American feel. The collection will be launching on their site soon.


Favored by Beyonce, Omarion, The Dream, and Taz Arnold, the German brand first made a splash in the 80’s and is now enjoying a bit of a resurgence. The bags feature logos as well as plain leather and various patterns.

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Kid Robot Simpson's Mini Figures

Extra Extra Read all about it, Kidrobot and The Simpsons join forces once again for an all new mini-figure series. The first series was released back in 2008 and 2 years later the second series is set to drop on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 at 11:00AM EST at Kidrobot stores and
The new collection of 25-character series features two alternate versions of your favorite nuclear family and fifteen new characters including extended family members. For The Simpsons series 2, Matt Groening infused a new line-up of Springfield’s notable citizens with a Kidrobot flavor, seamlessly expanding The Simpsons and Kidrobot’s worlds. These 3-inch figure are blind boxed and comes with an insert card and a character specific accessory. Each box is $9.95
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New BlackBerry

Finally a new BlackBerry is coming out for T-Mobile! The BlackBerry Bold 9780 comes in two colors (black & flash white) and looks the same as the 9700. The new and improved Bold 9780 is built on the BlackBerry 6 platform and provides a fluid and user-friendly interface bringing your favorite features front-and-center, including universal search and a new and improved Web browsing experience with faster page-loading and tabbed browsing.
In addition, the new Bold 9780 offers integrated feeds to keep you connected to your social networks and current events, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and video recording as well as 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities with support for Wi-Fi Calling for increased coverage. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is expected to be available for T-Mobile customers on November 17th!

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Cover That

Rihanna graces the cover of Marie Claire UK’s December 2010 Holiday Issue:
She wears a bejeweled dress by English designer Mark Fast along with sparkly star shaped earrings and a flowing mane of red hair.
Rihanna looks gorgeous as always. 
What do you think?
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Pharrell Partners w/ Timberland
The collaboration will be in association with Bionic yarn, a company Pharrell co-owns that creates fabrics made from 50% organic cotton and 38% recycled plastic bottles. The Bionic Yarn Timberland boots will be in stores in January.

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This Weeks Fashion YES!

Ciara hosted the “Ultimate Face-Lift” to benefit The VH1 Save The Music Foundation on Tuesday, and we think she finally found her niche. When Ciara goes simple she seals the deal every time.
Wale Make It Rain

Not better then Mike Tomlin in any way shape or form & kinda ends of on ahh.... "thats it?" note but other then that its Wale so you know its lyrical packed, DC stand up:


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Nike Air Max Sensation 2011

Although a very well designed basketball sneaker, Its clear to me that these kicks were created by the same team that design the Nike Air LeBorn 8. From a sneaker heads point of view you guys are way better then this, come on think out side the box guys.
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New Nicki Minaj Right Tru Me

This is probably the most normally dressed you'll ever see Nicki ......Ever! Dope video by the way: 

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In The Mind Of Toxic

Fashion Is Over Rated
Style is whats in....

"Never believe in the Hype be that hype"

What I meant by saying that is, well I'm sick & tired of people looking, sounding and even acting the same, I can only speak from a New Yorkers state of mind. The world is way to big for us to basically living in uniform, experiment, be different, take risk, take that left, Its one thing for people to not accept you for your self but even worst when they don't for being someone your not...

[Basically In a Nut Shell..]

Be your self people & flip the bird to whom ever doesn't like it.

:::Tips Hat:::

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Chris Brown is Back

Now I know you guys are pretty tired of hearing about ....well you know, when ever Chris Brown name is mentioned but you have to give the dude credit for he has refused to let that stop his career from ending, He again proves to us all that "Dancing will never die." Which he illustrates in his latest music video titled Yeah 3x, which is full oh twist & flips just as we are all acustomed to seeing the old* Chris  doing keep up the good work CB:


You guys seen the Micheal Jackson vibe in Chris's moves, or am I the only one the picked that up...

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Diggy- I am He

I've listened to a couple of songs that dropped today, including some work from the newest fella on G.O.O.D., and I don't know whether I'm sorry to say it or not, but this Diggy Simmons track is the best I've heard tonight. He's got the pedigree and is sure to have the financial backing to succeed, so here's another one from young diglet.

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Wale - Mike Tomlin

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Throw Back Tuesday

I know its suppose to be Thursday and all but AH! This is my blog "I do what I want!" lol anyways check out this music video featuring so many talented artist but one whom is currently a lot of peoples favorite, umm let me not ruin it for you just click play & enjoy:

"Its things like this that make you say, Dam the good days changed..."

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Take One For The Team 

No need to say nothing else but press play....

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Ear Sex 

Living Better Now

We R who we R

Ting Tings - We're not the same

JyJ ft Kanye West & Malik Yussef - Aye Girl

Monica- Here I AM

The Deans List- The People 

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 Chiddy Bang!

This dope duo has recently released this freestyle, let me just let these two talented artist speak for themselves:

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I know i'm type late with this but I was clicking around & I stumbled upon this video by Jim Jones basically about what happend to him his long time friend Camron ...Well like I said before this is kind of old cause they reunited and what not, but any ways enjoy a softer side to Capo:

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Wiz Khalifa - You Know The Name 

I know I can speak for my fellow bloggers when I say it feels so good to see this young dude finally blowing up cause its basically because of all of us he got his break threw into the main stream rap game, the lead man for Taylor Gang has drop another classic called You Know The Name Enjoy:

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Sam Adam Teaser

Pretty sick inside scoop on Sam's life

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Big L & Jay Z freestyle on Bobbito and Stretch Show 

Way back in 1995, before Jay-Z released his first major label record, before it was legal to lust after Beyonce, before Bobbito had lost his hair (as evidenced by the mid 90s photo) and before me and blog man knew what a blog was, Big L and Hov stepped foot in the hot 97 studios to record a freestyle on DJ Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito's esteemed radio program. The freestyle has been around for some time, but was just released in its entirety today, by your pal DJ Premier. The track features 3 more minutes of wax, and is a testament to the golden era of hip-hop. It's also pretty darn interesting to see how hov's voice and cadence have changed during his illustrious career.

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Sneaker Freaker 

I know I didn't do this in a while (I blame Twitter) now slowly but surely I'll be back on my blogging game: 

Nike S.B Real Tree 

Air Max 95 Black & Yellow 
Supra Henry Black TUF 
Kanye West SNL Performance

This has to be hands down, one of the most elaborate performances that SNL has ever had on their show, & did you witness Kanye putting his all out while on stage? You would think a man of his stature wouldn't even put that much into his work anymore since well he basically *made it.*Anywho well done Mr.West.

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Christian Dior Denim Flow

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