Take Cover 
Is it just me or Wezzy is only in Jail during the week & he gets off on the weekend cause it seems like every week he has something new right or wrong? Lol Anyways Wayne is all smiles on this upcoming Ozone magazine,  what stands out to me the most is the color scheme on this cover. A plus for whom ever whip that together.

Side note: Where do they even sell this magazine at ??? At first I thought it was one of those free underground magazines, hm if anyone knows feel me in.

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Finally Some Recognition
Here in New York they say if you don't got a wicked jump shot, sling crack (Selling Drugs), or Nice with the Mic and your from the "hood" you'll never make it out. Ha cruse that person who ever made that saying but anyways as time past & youth realize that being in a gang isn't [A. Benefiting anyone and B.]the only way to get respect in the streets but in fact dancing is, Yup young African America's {well in New York at least} has tone down the whole gangster theme and started tapping their feet and moving there hips to the sound of the beat....umm not necessarily well anyways as I mentioned In a earlier post that our dance style "Flexing" has taken New York's Youth by storm and well I rather not get into anymore detail & and just show you enjoy!:

View more of our* style of dancing HERE

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New Best Friends

.....It seems like it right there always together now a days right? Any who is it just me or Chris Brown is jocking Tyga's swag jusssst a little bit hmm  now Chris you have your own style & its pretty cool so just stick with it dude.

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