Matt B Raps....

I mean if Willow could do it, why can't Matt B:

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20 Reasons To Live

Most people in life have either a bucket list or a wish list that they wish to obtain, be for there time on earth comes to an end, but what ever happen to your reason for living?  Randomly threw-out my blog I'll will post my 20 reasons for living, (Why 20? *cough* My age dufus!)  but each year also gives me another reason to strive much harder to be the best that I could be & also appreciate life.

SO with that being said here's number:


Yeah yeah yea, how creative right but think about it you need money basically to do everything in life, sure it might be the route of all evil, but at the same time it could also be the pavement for good! 

*Thumbs up*

Whats your reason to live?

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Pilot Talk II

Dope Artist so you already know each track is a going banger.

 ....... Jets FOOL!!!!!

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A Whole Lot of Nothing.... Ness 

This Post is dedicated to my favorites in life & then some sooo you just might get thrown off with all its randomness but *Shrugs* this is my blog:

☆ 1st thing 1st Salute to my favorite rapper Wale, DMV stand up

☆Feel free to follow me on twitter Saluters, sure I might have bashed it like a millions before in prior post but, you try being the only person without one.

 ☆ Next if you know me you know Sneakers are my thing, I think there is no better exclusive sneaker then the clean cut Nike S.B & out of its deep roster, These space tigers are the best ones to me.

☆Ah man two of my favorite things in the same picture, but anywho you guys pretty much know how heavy Biggie influenced the whole Brooklyn community in one way or another so let me not even get into that, But due give grave to my favorite brand Bapthing Ape ®☺

☆Here is some free music curtosiy of the downfall of Limewire :

☛ Kanye West Ft Jay-Z ~ Thats my b*tch☜
☞ The Black Eyed Peas~ Light up the night ☚

☞ T.I ft Kid Cudi & Kanye West ~ Welcome to the World ☜

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Tyga Tim Westwood Freestyle

Yikes he went in on this.

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Exhibit A, B & C 

J Electronica was recently a Twitter Topic the other day due to his recent signing with Jay-Z's Roc Nation, An well deserved deal by the way to if I may add. But any who I'm sure you guys already knew this info by now I just wanted you to listen to a few tracks of his if you too where rubbing your chins about this dude:


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Add Your Own Captain...

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Noir Jewelry 

Check out these new nOir Jewelry samples sale Ladies its edgy & new which is always a plus. Heck I'm even thinking about getting that city ring for my self. 


 And then some....

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Ear Sex

Huey Newton Wiz Khalifa ft Curren$y

You Got It- J Cole ft Wale 


Theophilus London feat. Devonte Hynes & Solange Knowles: Flying Overseas

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Sneaker Freaker 

Nike Air Retro 3 Cement

Nike Air Max CB'94 Amare Stoudemire
Adidas Star Wars Jabba the Hutt
Who is Poster Boy?

While doing the norm (Randomly web surfing the web) I bumped into this dude labeled Poster Boy notorious for randomly, "rearranging" New York subway ads into a form of his own:

Dope Ain't it, however he is wanted for vandalism, so if you see him in the act catch him! Hes worth a couple 1,000 by the feds lol, sort of ironic being how his work is clearly done for free.

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Looking For Trouble

G.O.O.D Music is lyrically insane! Oh wait & J Cole on this, must download: 

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Pusha T & Kanye West Freestyle on Hot 97 

This is the type of freestyle that demands silence when listening to it.
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Crocs Sneakers?

Recently caught a glimpse of these Crocs inspired sneakers produced by Native, and as much as I HATE Crocs …I don’t hate these. I’d be more than annoyed to see them in assorted colors roaming the streets of NYC in Skinny jeans and harem pants. But Nothing can be worse than a fresh pair of crocs.
Crocs should be exterminated and extinct.

 .....To bad its spring 

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Kanye West Name Style Maker Of The Year

Kanye West was awarded the 2010 Stylemaker of the Year Award by the Accessories Council at the 14th Annual ACE Awards in NYC recently. There is without a shadow of a doubt that Mr. West is indeed a Style maker and Trendsetter, well deserving of this Award. Congrats Ye’!

Check out his acceptance speech: 
2010 Halloween Best Outfits

Theres only one day a year that allows anyone & everyone to dress up and roam the streets as whom he or she pleases to be, .....Literally anyone: 

Of Course I had to get in on the fun as the other great Micheal =) 

Keri Hilson was dressed as Big Bird.
No Further Questions. -_-

 I love Brandy, How many Female Singer’s would let their daughter dress up as another Singer? Brandy’s daughter looked great as Pippi Longstocking or the Wendy's mascot.

 Steph Jones had Justin Bieber down to the head tilt to the side

  Fabolous had The Joker (Heath Ledger edition) Down to a TEE!

 Normally Rocsi is hit or a miss, But she put her ears to Good Use for her Avatar Costume. You have to work with what God gave you, Use Your Talent’s Gurl!

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