Jay & B

Now if these two guys get  divorce then I'll get upset cause they almost seem like a match made in heaven & being how there both super duper mega stars known world wide they always "seem" to stay humble to each other as well as romantic. In this video Hov brought out his wife to perform Forever Young in place of Mr. Hudson at The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in California.:

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Queen B

Lil Kim was spotted hitting the town late night finally "looking normal". She was becoming notoriously known for having layers & layers of unnecessary clown like makeup, I personally don't know why when shes so "naturally" beautiful. (Thats Hollywood for yah I guess) But anywho I guess she fired her old make artist cause she went from this:
[Is it just me or she kinda looks like Simba ]
To this:

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Her Birthday Suit

Lol with the post tile alone my profile views just went up 20 anywho...

Both Kim Kardashian and Joy Bryant are featured in the May issue of Harpers Bazaar magazine for their "Curvy Girls" spread. Now I can understand having Kim Kardashian as part of the "Curvy Girls" spread but  ahh Joy Bryant? Although I think Joy Bryant is an extremely attractive lady....Its pretty clear that she's not so much on the curvy side. She's more slender and petite if you ask me....but then again....no one ever asked me. :-[ Enjoy some Joy below:

But who cares their both still hot.

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