Major NBA Trades 

T Mac aka Kobe's rival, well when hes not injured is coming home to the Knicks! But don't gloat just yet because NewYork lost an arm & a leg just to make salary room for him. How much you wonder? Well we lost Larry Huges, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries TWO 1st round picks (<-outrageous) & most of all:
Little Nate Robinson was sent off to Boston :-( the only hype that NY's Basketball had.

Oh yeah & Cleveland gets power forward Antawn Jamison.


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Flavor of Stardom

Waadup Saluters, yah'll remember the show Flava of Love right? What in the world happen to the winners or at least the outrageously flawless girls that was on the show season after season. I'm pretty sure that only Flav was the only person on that show that was there for Flav lol like seriously not even Rick believed in Flav finding love:
Sidenote: His job was so point less , But anyways what happened to those girls that names always stuck in peoples minds well here's what I came up with after 3 hours of intense searching..... There all "Video Honeys/Diva" yup each and ever last one of them, well those who matter the most of course:
 Way to go Hoopz,Buckeey,Bootz & Deelishis American is so proud of you.

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