Haitians Catch Cipha Sounds 


Its way funnier if your Haitian sorry outsiders.

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Falling Hearts R Kelly 

..... Ladies & gentlemen the King of R&B is back.

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Preview Of The New VH1 Series"Single Ladies"

Now with an all star line up such as Charity Shea, Queen Latifah, LisaRaye
 Mcoy & Stacey Dash their is absolutely no reason for anyone to not watch this show:

Now originally this was a shot as a film, the series centers around three friends: Val (Stacey Dash) is an ambitious aspiring fashion mogul who wants to find a true partner. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy), on the other hand, is a former video dancer just looking for a rich man to keep her in style. April (Charity Shea) has supposedly found the perfect man and the perfect marriage — but is learning that marriage isn’t necessarily a happy ending. 

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Need a Graphic Designer?

If you need or know someone that needs an:

* Web backgrounds 
* Party Flyers
*Mixtapes/Album Covers


.......Look no further

Contact Leonard Joseph at DibsOnTomorrow@Gmail.com or (347) 898-4215 
or if your still a tad bit spectical about his work check it our your self:

Contact him he definitely gets my approval, and when you do tell him Toxic sent you.

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You Have a Minute?


Very well! On that note feel free to...

:-) Follow Me On Twitter: @HandsomeTox

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Welcome To The Family

ROTF I bet you guys thought it was a actual baby, NO WAY -_-
 I'm just a die hard sneaker fan.... As you already know, & thought I should share take this moment and share it with you all, *coughs* that is all.

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A Little Birdy Told Me

"If you start something how do you expect your readers to keep up if you don't!"

....So on that note I'm back to my blogging grind!

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Think Out Side The Box 

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Everyone's A Critic 

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Lupe Fiasco Ten Crack Commandments Freestyle

Child Rebel Soldier, better known as CRS is comprised of Fresh Cool Young Lu, Mr. West, & skateboard P. There was once a rumor about a highly anticipated CRS album, which has since become defunct, and subsequently revived through a Lupe interview with Hartford Hot 93.7, he also put down this quick freestyle:

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Is the 1st thing any sneaker head would tell me if I were to pick these up off of the shelfs but, I for some reason I actually like these now maybe its the neon or the elephant print that is pulling my attention. Well what ever it is these Jordan CMFT Viz Air 11's defiantly get the thumbs up by me.

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Fashion Forward

Tommy Hilfiger debuted these Bennington High Duck Boots last spring in a fashion show and they are now available in store as well as online. This seasons signature style, they’re made with suede, leather laces, & a 5″ heel.
☃ Long $398

☃ Short $228

These are outrageously sick for any chick that heels game is proper.

*Thumbs Up*

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There Is A God

If you haven't already herd Ted Williams was a homeless man that got a 2nd chance at life here is his struggle:

And after this blowing up the internet the Cleveland Cavaliers reached out and hired the poor guy & even went out their way to pay for his home, he has moved on to do many other commercials such as this one here:  

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This Here Weed Music

Theirs not a rap song out now, where you don't at least hear the word weed or one of its many form on a track. Being how this weed music has blown up in the rag game, it seems like all the come up artist and  even the bubble gum rappers such as Bow Wow & Soulja Boi are publicly exposing the fact that they too are heavy smokers.


Now I can't touch on this topic without mention the Pioneers of this here weed music, Snoop Dogg, Red Man & Method Man basically were the the frontiers of publicly advertising their usage of marijuana. It worked so well for them that it even got them leading movie rolls, so I guess it was only right for the rookies of the year Wiz & Curren$y to try there lucky with there own version of the weed music & see what success they could get out of it and well look where it got them.

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They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words 

So what is this one telling you?

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Well at least to me it is...

Because I to am.... well was a heavy dancer, but I recently shaded away from all of it because like Chris mentioned I to was beginning to feeling "less manly"dancing all the time, And to add on I was always surrounded by people that weren't into the whole dancing idea as well, so that to added on to me straying away from it for sometime now but, after watching this I just might just put back on my dancing shoes.

*Two Thumbs Up*

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