Oh Yeah!

Every Time I look at this pic I laugh cause I work right in that window there. The day this happen there was like a million and one huge mix of protesters & die hard Jay-Z fans surrounding the ceremonial groundbreaking for the new Barclays Center at Atlantic Yards, in Downtown Brooklyn. This was sometime last week oopsy daisy.

It almost looks like Jay is running for pres. in this flick (hey you neva know), & something so historic like this for Jay-Z you know Wife Beyonce had to be there in full support as well.

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Chris Brown Is Back On Twitter 

 In case you haven’t heard, convicted woman beater Chris Brown is back on Twitter.com. Attention w****'s & narcissists need an ample source of energy to continuously feed their oversized egos. And social networking sites like Twitter.com with its built-in codependents, fits that need perfectly.
.......Oh yeah & I still hate twitter!

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Amber Chill

Lately she was been suffocating my blog for the past couple of weeks like come on man relax, Lol but you gotta Love this pic its here ,checking out of a hotel in none other then Mr. West's clothes it crazy cause its actually a hot outfit but then again look at who's clothes its for.


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Celebs In Style
 No, not that Louis (Vuitton). The designer’s name is Louis Stewart and his Collection high end bags are all the must haves among the ballers and celebs right now. All the bags are Handmade in Los Angeles California from the highest quality materials. Stewart stepped out on his own last year, and since then has been designing custom bags for professional athletes and rappers. His line of Louis bags aren’t in stores yet, so if you can get your hands on one (Like me -_- ), you will be in exclusive company! 


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