It wasn't my fault! I'm never sorry for anything that I did. I always do what ever it is for a reason, wither you thought it was right or not I did it and I'm clearly aware of it..*I'm not a jerk I'm just being honest* who ever you are did that answer your question?
Run To Your Dreams & Then Some
Waddup Saluters, So Marian Jones who has won five medals at the 2000 Olympic, in Australia has made it onto the WNBA's Tulsa Shock. Even after her world pool of unpleasant event such as admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs and Two grand juries she still was able to raise about the all the bad media and push her self while "clean" to make it in the WNBA, Now only time will tell if shes actually going to help the Tulsa Shocks or is just another publicity stunt.

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Hold On!

Is that Lil Diggy?...from Runs House? I knew he rap but I didn't know he rap Rap! lol
(Black people always say a word twice to give it more meaning.)

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