The pretty girls at recces

  • I'm upset I forgot the name of this brand but I like her get whole classic but flashy get up & you could tell her walk is mean lol:
  • Cola FW
  • Prada Spring 2010

Chiddy BANG!!!

"eRr" body & they moms got the black Penfield black jacket with the plaid shoulders reasonable it is the hottest thing on there line So you could for get about being different getting that so guys just wait for the fall line to drop mean while ALL MY SINGLE LADYS lol & taken snag you up some female Penfeild goods.

The Real Sneaker Eater

So yesterday was lazy day and I did absolutely nothing but eat, lay down & watch t.v & well .......watched some more T.v now during this rock like stage that I was in, some how the remote got away from me & I was forced to watch the Discovery channel and on was a Marathon of Man vs. Wild. 30Min's of viewing this show I said to my self "oh brother" (R.I.P) not another Crocodile Hunter spin off with another Australian accent Lead character/narrator, but in fact hes really British & named Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls. This show is completely different well other then its mini bio about animals here and there. Bear Grylls shows how to survive or better yet maximize your survival in the worst locations you would ever want to find your self in due to his army back round hes able to understand how to stay live no matter what, even if it means eating live animals or making make shift Bamboo sticks as beds. Its really interesting show if your stomach could bare a person cutting off a snake head & eating it while its still moving.
  • Salutes later bloggers

Heads or Tails?

Well pretty much everyone is I-pod crazy right about now but for you pessimists out there, have you ever herd about that new HD Zune? (Karmer:Get outta town) it might not seem like much but HD on a portable device is pretty sick I-pod has a knee up with the apps but on a touch screen at the end of the day its a view that everyone cares about take a look at he pros and cons on a I-pod and a Zune:
  • Zune HD
Display: 3.3 inch touchscreen, OLED Software: Zune Firmware 3.0 Memory: 16 GB/32GB Colors: Black, Platinum, Blue, Lime green, and red Price: $219.99/$289.99 Music Store: Zune Marketplace Applications Store: Not yet, but there has been strong evidence that Microsoft may be starting one. WiFi: Yes Touchscreen keyboard and accelerometor HD Video Radio: Yes HD out: Yes
  • I-Pod Touch 3rd Generation
Display: 3.5 inch touchscreen, no OLED Software: iPhone OS 3.1 Memory: 8GB/32 GB/64 GB Colors: Black Price: $199/$299/$399 Music Store: iTunes Applications Store: Yes WiFi: Yes Touchscreen keyboard and accelerometer HD Radio: No HD Video out:No

James Kong

Waddup bloggers, So I'm at the barber shop flipping there Mags waiting for my turn & in the mix was oddly a Vogue magazine & surprisingly on the cover was LeBorn James. Now hmp! Oh k he is "King James", I know he can put up numbers, I know he compares to such and such at only a young age, and I know he broke just about every record there was in just his 1st year as a professional in the N.B.A but did you know that he was the 1st Black Man to ever be on the cover of Vogue? Not known for mainly his fashion sense or having a high fashion IQ (not to say that the dude can't dress lol) he was able to make it to the cover simply because of success (wow right) "Breaking Boundaries James" is what they should call him, & for that Mr. James I Salute you.