And I wonder...

SSsh! have you herd? Tim Burton’s upcoming remake of Alice in Wonderland, starring Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway is coming out. Its pretty much the same ol' movie just updated with current day technology & Oh! the usage of real life actors rather then cartoons...but um that's pretty much it so go see it March 5 but don't "tell anyone I told you".
Watch Video Alice in Wonderland Trailer 2010 - Funny bloopers are a click away

OPI even fell into the Hype and created four limited-edition nail lacquer shades inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

    Flashing Lights {Music plays}

    Here are Rihanna's snap shots for W magazine even though I'm still iffy about her cause of.. well you know, but anyways shes doing her thing I can't even hate:

    Ain't been notice yet

    Waddup bloggers now off the top how many celeb trend setters can you think of off the top of yah head? Kanye? Pharrell? Cudi? Jay? Nicki? Rihanna? now those names are always herd over and over but to me who I always thought had a real "grown man" style was none other then "Mr.YUUUP!" Lol yeah you guessed it Trey Songz. Although he wears the top flashy flashy clothing brands, he always puts his outfits together in a way that's straight classy & doesn't yell the clothing brand for instances take this outfit he wore to Angela Yee's party:

    Fashion Plus or bust?

    • Its BARBIE! with her $635 Alexander McQueen geometric print leggins.
    • What about Rihanna's $2,212 Rick Ownes..Pea Co.....umm Dress.....aaah Scarf ????
    • Omaraion's LV shades?
    • Ms. Keys outfit at the "Element of Freedom in Japan." (Her pumps looks like ice cubes lol)
    • Ashanti's New hair do even tho she did bite the ever so swagful Teyana Taylor ?

    You call yah self a cool cat?

    Waddup Bloggers, I know I haven't been as up to-date with my post its only cause this pass week I was always out with friends doing lord knows what & by the time I got back all the good stuff were basically posted on some other blog lol, but anyways please tell me you guys seen the last American Idol in Atlanta if you didn't please take a look at this:
    • Wait a minute did he just say this year will be my birthday? .