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Do You Know Malik So Chic?

Sure at 1st glance he looks like a ....☹...well yeah, But this Ru Paul look alike is a well known party promoter & stylist . Known through the reality TV scene, Malik has been on the New York party circuit for years, throwing notoriously hip parties at hotspot Bungalow 8. From his oversized bedazzled glasses to his eyelashes and fierce stare, he is endlessly alluring and unquestionably hip [Read more about him here ] Check out one of the many must haves on his fashion list :

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Long Live The Queen
Even After his death his amazing designs still lives on, every piece is almost like an high class art work.Take a look at Alexander Mcqueen's 2010 Fall 2010 Accessories:
What a genius every piece is magnificent in its own way.
If Alice & Wonderland were real he would've of most definetly been her stylist.

17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010

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50's Slash

its been a while since I did a lady's fashion post so lemme keep this short & sweet, here's a look at so hip 50s accessory's that can be used today:

Where ever could you find such rad things?

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Creative Rec. Upgrade

Oh K I'm pretty sure that we all kicked the Creative Recreation brand to the side or only wear it on rainy days [Lets be honest with ourselves] cause....well its pretty much played out, so the creators over at the Recreation Board realized this problem & decided to upgrade there brand for the better just take a look at their newest Turino line:
 Wow right? Well with every upgrade comes a cost these sneakers run for about $295.00  {Crap}
it even caught the eye of a couple of celeb's such as:

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Ha Ha Clip of the Week

I seen this AT&T Motorola Back Flip, commercial during a playoff game and it gave me a chuckle it should give you one as well check it out:

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