Double Negative!

Wale Wale Wale!!! ugh bro-ham what are you doing fam, I supported you in everything you did but this is just outrageous. I know you gotta keep it all in the industry but out of all the girls to gonna date the only chick that actually looks really bad with the Cesar hair cut, No Bueno dude, but not only is has she failed on that fashion statement with her hair its flippin Solange mane!! ugh its kills me to have to admit this but bloggers yeah there dating. =/ I'm seriously like the only person left that still refuses to create a twitter, I find it extremely useless & besides I already have an away message no need to create an online account that publicly states ........"Whats on my mind" cause I have a BLOG to do that for me. This twitter crap is so out of control its everywhere seriously. Like have you seen 106 & park lately? Geez Louise you can't even go 5 min's without seeing a tweet alert or what ever you guys call it. But moving on my friend tells me twitter is not only about putting status's up about "whats on your mind" but there's is also daily Topics that are posted? .............[-_-]..........You gotta be kidding me what ever happened to going on Aim & saying "Hi" it eventually leads to a interesting topic too Jackass. I say that to say this what ever happened to good ol simple Internet days were there was or better yet damit (Salute) Later Bloggers.

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Anonymous said...

Dang toxiic ya mans wale iis deperate but you kant get mad liike er 1 wants to be loved lol