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Waddup Bloggers I wanna take this time to thank my followers cause with so many other blogs out there I know mines is just one in a million but, just seeing my profile view's go up,added friends and followers keeps me motivated to keep posting more & more cause with this blogging thing is real easy to take a day or two off & let it turn into months without blogging but anyways thanks again, So moving on as you may or may not know I'm a Soho Roamer I go to Soho just to get outta the "hood" so to speak & relax but mainly to shop I actually look forward to just being in the atmosphere it self. One of my favorite places to shop when I go out there is none other then the Bathing Ape store simply because its so uniquely different. Its Genius creator NigoBape Beatles line soon to be released: .........(Salutes) Later Bloggers.

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HipHopCulture said...

Dope blog, I really like ya last pot. I see your a hiphop fan check my blog out if ya can. peace