Indeed she got one but Kelly Rowland, formerly 1/3 of the late great R&B group Destiny’s Child, embarked on a solo career, dropped Beyoncé dad-ager, Mathew Knowles from managing her career, and then some time later started to wear front lace wigs...or is it just me?
Ou La La La
Stussy has teamed up with London-based Carri Mundane of Cassette Playa for a Spring/Summer 2010 capsule collection for the ladies, a first for women’s apparel for the brand. Best known for vibrant digital patterns across tailored shapes that are coveted by celebrities and fashion fans alike, Cassette Playa is inspired by everything from Japanese anime, neon, techno, psychedelic to rave culture, tribal, science, primitive hunting to Aztec art. 

Cassette Playa & Stussy collection features a sick collaboration of fashion ideas check it out for your self Here :

Side note: I like her tat its so unexpected of her .

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From Badboy To Playboy

Remember Danity Kane?
Diddy's Making the Band..like season 8 million? well Aubrey O’Day poses at Millions of Milkshakes for the launch of the Aubrey O’Day Milkshake benefiting The American Red Cross for the Earthquake Victims of Chile & Haiti, in Los Angeles, California.
Honestly, I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t take a second look at this picture. "Yuuup!!!" But how does this benefit the Earthquake Victims? Secondly, why does Aubrey look so damn plastic?
From MTV’s Making The Band then randomly to having a Playboy spreed, Aubrey looks well like Lil Kim. This is what happens when Hollywood gets to your head.  In my opinion she is way too young to be under the knife or near any Botox.
"But hey, what do I know I'm just a 170 pound casual Blogger."
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Hey Its Miss J -_-

I'm pretty sure every at least once seen ANTM (America's Next Top Model) and knows or seen Miss J before so don't look at me funny for posting about him but anyways he/she/it/him/her lead a celebrity walk-off event and book signing at Holt Renfrew Bloor Street on March 13, 2010 in Toronto, Canada.
 A few Contestants were Dina Pugliese, Christopher Sherman, Amy Verner, Ciara Hunt, Dan Levy, Sofanda Cox and Kim D’Eon.


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G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S ...yeah 
 Easy on the smile guys, But after building a solid foundation, having a successful marriage and a son The Anthony's make the next big step, buying a home:
These newly weds recently purchased a $2 million dollar home!!! Yes Saluters!! Spare no expense....This newly-wed-couple are going to be living the high married life in style!! Check out the photos of La La and Carmelo's new home:

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Throw Back You That

Well being how today is a Daylight savings day and I woke up like at 1 which is soooo not me, Therefore I gotta give you guys a throw back to balance time out, OH & don't for get to set your clocks..if the cable box didn't already do it for you☺:

"Yay Jeezy Can Spell....Yay" Lol

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