Hey Look Its NuNu

For those of you that thought that ATL was NuNu's (Lauren London) big break you never could've been so wrong, actually it was her leading lady role in Pharrell's "Frontin" music video, although bit smaller in this throw back video she still has that {*Pauses* closes eyes & licks lips} ever so beautiful face lol:

Random Note: I remember when I first witness NuNu's beauty in T.I's ATL movie. In the scene where she made her way into the Diner flirting causally with T.I in front of his boys (For those of you who seen the movie you know what I'm talking about) and at that moment my jaw drop. But then catching my self doing it I slowly looked around to see if anyone else saw me (And at this time I went to see this movie with my alot of guy friends .....what it was a guys not out -_-) and they all were doing the same exact thing as me. Any-who so every time I see Lauren I must say that story 
soOo umMmMm yeah here's were I Salute you guys then put my stamp on this page like so.....

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