Oh yeah...

I refused to create a twitter but seems to me as if everyone & there Dog has created one so I went to the next "best" thing -_-....No not Facebook simpleton lol its this new site called formspring yeah yeah I know it sounds like a pottery website or something but its actually not its a website simply built for questions that just needs to be answered feel free to join if you, its nothing to major tho made I it simply cause I was bored dammit. So um yeah lol with that being said If you have anything to ask me feel free:

Sneaker Freaker

  • Air Max Skyline Sunset
  • Nike Dunk HI Valentine Day
  • Adidas Nizza Low Canvas
  • Vans Switch Back
  • Supra Spring 2010
Nike Air Flight Condor HI (thumbs up)
  • Nike S.B HI Wool
  • Adidas Star Wars Sky Walker
  • ACG Woodside boots (There's are sick)

In the mind of TOXiC

Waddup bloggers, how yah''ll living? Warm I hope warm cause its freezin like a mutha out here in NYC brr. So today I had the full mind set to go out & get a I-phone finally cause a new phone up grade is badly needed lol in my life right about now, but along my way to the Apple store I was stop dead in my tracks by this gold shiny sexy thang in the window seal it was a big face two tone King Master watch now I window shopped one to many times in my life, but this time I couldn't cared less. I whipped out my debt card in .02 sec flat & purchased it with no regrets.....well other then that I forgot that was with the I-phone money [womp womp!] lol oh well you live once right.

2 Train story

Waddup Bloggers, So I'm on the 2 train right & those typical New York Bums gets on and everyone already quickly focuses on the nearest ...anything lol to them until this homeless guy leaves, but low & behold this guy had to be in a rank all on his own cause he was a high maintenance bum NO LIKE HE REALLY WAS as he semi cleared this train:[ Lol he was a small guy but Guess where on the train he was] from his smell alone he went around asking for any loose change after the typical mini well organized speech. But just before he got to me a lady on the train offered him a half eaten sandwich from subways [you know eat fresh] & he sad NO "I'm not that desperate" with an attitude, at that point the whole train looked at him as if he had voted for McCain, but we soon all had a good laugh, But that funny moment wouldn't last for long as he cleared the whole train with just one hand & begun to...
{Salutes} Later Bloggers!