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Ludacris attended the premiere of Brooklyn’s Finest at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theater in NYC rocking The Brooklyn Circus Navy Pea Coat. Since The BKc is one of my favorite brands we noticed right away. Luda put it together with a chunky scarf, raw denim jeans and the ever so smooth Ray-Bans. This Pea coat features a large lapel, bronze naval buttons, red satin arm band detail, front pockets, inside pockets, naval BKC anchor patch on left arm and is 100% wool.
Dark horse Maria Robot Leggings just introduced robot leggings inspired by the Fritz Lang, 1920’s sci-fi movie Metropolis. These poly-stretch leggings will be released as part of their Spring 2010 collection, they’re pretty cool.

 Meow! I peeped a few ladies doing this but never understood why tho, the cat eyes eye shadow thingy its cool but only on some girls lol & to a certain extent. 

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New Manio 
Gangster Rap still makes its small come backs here and there in Hip-Hop, thanks to guys like Manio who always stays true to the streets no matter what, but here's Manio latest freestyle over the "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" beat:

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Yes she is! Who else could get a half hair cut & still have the long hair don't care hair style and actually make it work. Cassie attended the Gareth Pugh Ready to Wear show during Paris for Womenswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011. Looking quite stylish in a belted fur frock over a white leather dress with zipper detail down the front. Not to mention those wing tip lace up boot:
Wow didn't she only really have like one hit? How could she afford all of this?
"Oh yeaaah, Naughty Naughty." Lol Diddy was also at Gareth Pugh Ready to Wear shoe with his Baby Moms Kim Porter.

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In The Mind of Toxic 

Waddup Bloggers, Just a few things I had on my mind this time that I wanted to share, 1st things 1st.

You Know What I Hate:
* 106 & park can't go 2mins withought mentioning twitter....Seriously!
* Carrying umbrella on a day it doesn't rain
* Lil Wayne Jail sentence got pushed back....again
* That you never asked me anything on formspring.
* That People can go threw 20 interviews just to get one job.
* Every gamestop always has an attractive female employee that knows nothing about video games
* Gucci mang went jail and only got a "Free Gucci t-shirt".
* People treat Facebook as if its an away message.
* That owning sidekick defines your self as a minor.
* T.I came out of Jail with a Low cut fade...whoa
* Pretty much everyone that owns a Black Berry......doesn't pay there own bill.
* That after "Death of Auto Tunes" T-Pain swore to retire.....His current album will be in stores soon.

Oh wait I had other stuff on my mind but now what was it... oh yeah:

"Hi, I'm Toxic just call me handsome!"

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