Lean Yah Ear In Just A little
So while the boss is away like I said before his team will play. Tyga Tyga not only stepped up his lyrics after signing with YM (Young Money duh) he has pushed for more air time, & even banked a colabo with Chris Brown labeled "G Sh*t," Chris Brown is even rapping on this track! :-0

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The 20 Why?

◊ Why does every* blogger constantly talk about fashion that no body can afford?

◊ Why does it always rain on the good days?

◊ Why can't Tiger Woods get a break?

◊ Why is Nicki Manji .....everywhere?

◊ Why did Global warming have to start now?

◊ Why is Juno the coolest movie ever?

◊ Why is it that rappers can gladly protest that they sold millions of coke & weed in their songs and never get caught?

◊ Why is Soulja Boy so rich? =(

◊ Why did Duke have to win the NCAA championship?

◊ Why can't I have 100 followers?

◊ Why did my height have to stop at "5,11"?

◊ Why can't I find another Job?

◊ Why do I feel I always have to "dress to the 9s" just to get attention?

◊ Why am I so cocky?

◊ Why hasn't Obama CHANGE the economy financial crisis?

◊ Why can't I be famous?

◊ Why can't I make it to church on Sundays anymore?

◊ Why can't Wale get as much buzz as Kid Cudi or Drake?

◊ Why does it only feel like were in a recession from Mon-Thurs?

◊ Why is it that one of the 2010 Census ethic category's say Negro?

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Say Hello World

Its Gucci!
No it really is the brand though of course, it was featured in the latest issue of the Japanese Pen Magazine Playing to Gucci’s luxe reputation, stylist Enrico Maris Volonte takes the typical idea of sportswear to a chic new level in his latest editorial with photographer Francesco Brigida. Utilizing Gucci’s spring 2010 collection these models take a sporty spin on Luxury:


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