My Weekend 6/26

Well every year my boys and I attend the Funk Master Flex car show over in New Jersey. Mainly for the sneaker expo that they have as well as the numerous celebrity's that attend. This year Nicki, Drake the whole nine was pretty much their but due to my friends car delay & extreme traffic and HEAT oh and did I mention that we made a illegal turn on a high way and went down a HILL in a 15 seater van!!! we got their at 5pm -_- but despite those troubles I was able to catch the entire Dip-Set performance as well as the Lox, Wyclef Jean & G-Unit to my surprise 50¢ gain back his weight he doesn't look like a {insert insult here} ...anymore:

Although L L cool j wasn't there the ladies sure do looooove Toxic:

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Prison X Story The Gerald "G" Payne Story

Here's episode 6 of these prison story's & this one is as REAL as all the rest enjoy:


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And The Winner Is...

Before we post anything about the 2010 BET Awards, I MUST address Chris Brown’s Amazing Michael Jackson Tribute.

*Standing ovation *

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Lloyd Bank Hot 97 Freestyle

Need I say more?.....


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Hey Look Its NuNu

For those of you that thought that ATL was NuNu's (Lauren London) big break you never could've been so wrong, actually it was her leading lady role in Pharrell's "Frontin" music video, although bit smaller in this throw back video she still has that {*Pauses* closes eyes & licks lips} ever so beautiful face lol:

Random Note: I remember when I first witness NuNu's beauty in T.I's ATL movie. In the scene where she made her way into the Diner flirting causally with T.I in front of his boys (For those of you who seen the movie you know what I'm talking about) and at that moment my jaw drop. But then catching my self doing it I slowly looked around to see if anyone else saw me (And at this time I went to see this movie with my alot of guy friends .....what it was a guys not out -_-) and they all were doing the same exact thing as me. Any-who so every time I see Lauren I must say that story 
soOo umMmMm yeah here's were I Salute you guys then put my stamp on this page like so.....

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Likes This

I'm pretty sure every dude in the world seen the "Ride"video by Cira, well she isn't done with that song with that just yet, she released the remix to it featuring Bei Maejor, Luda & Andre 3K 

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Bleu's Clue

Teyana Taylor puts the Ice cream down 
& guest all dressed up for the 
4th Anniversary  Issue of Bleu Magazine.
 While Brain White choose to keep it dirty with his cover shoot.


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Well its clear to me that ripped jeans are in for this summer & colored jeans are out so who better to demonstrate then these guys, Jay was spotted visiting David Letterman wearing (drum roll) A White V neck and Rocawear ripped jeans:

 Not to mention Rihanna, was snapped out in some moderately ripped jeans not to long ago.
*Likes this

And where ever there's a trend you know Kanye's never to far from it.

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Slap Chop You Gonna Love My Nuts!!!

Aw man this has to be one of the funniest commercials out yet, I'm pretty sure everyone has seen this but I recently seen this on air & again in another scene on Hip Hop Culture's Blog page so I had to throw this up on mine so Umm yeah Enjoy: 

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You Know You Know....

One song that had many Drake fans scratching their collective heads was "You Know You Know". The track itself is not what's puzzling, it's the fact that it wasn't included on Thank Me Later. No matter the reasoning, it's available not without DJ Tagz along with two other tracks that will be on the unofficial mixtape Thank Me Now. 

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Sneaker Freaker

Vans California 
Nike Air Structure Triax 91
Nike Air Pippen
Happy Fathers Day

I big Salute to this dude right here, for he's the reason why I'm here today & although fathers day gets over looked at a lot, because of the numerous times cause of that fathers* that just up and leave their kids. {Not cool} but not this dude hes been here for it all well since Aug 22, 1990. So for that father I give you a....

*Standing Ovation*
Also to all those other supportive fathers enjoy your day as well.

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Black Men Nick Manaj Photo shoot

Nicki Minaj will be gracing the cover of Black Mens Magazine's August issue. Nicki Minaj is bringing herself to the shots and not some made up character she's always trying to portray -_-. I'm feelin her the natural look, all those colored wigs & extra makeup is cool but not for everyday like seriously . Enjoy some more photos of Nicki below:

& For those super duper Barbie Nicki fans be sure to click "As we continue on" below to very her Photo shoot with Rad Up:
New Tunes Saluters 

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New Kid Cudi Music

Here's the 1st single off of Kid Cudi's Sophomore's album Revofev prod.Plain Pat, for some reason Kid Cudi reminds me of the cool Kid in school that no matter how weird he acted or (drugs he took) You were still his friend cause he was just that cool, anywho learn you earn in just a little for this new tune:

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Prison X Story's

The Delroy"Scarzeo"Flemming Story:


The Shonte Strictland Story:

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Outta no where it seems, I finally hit 100 followers :-) 
*Does the 100 followers dance*
I would like to personally thank each & every blogger that took the time out of their busy life to click the sliver follow me button on my blog. {thumbs up} I would give you all a kiss on the cheek, if it wasn't a minor form of rape but anyways you get the idea.
My main purpose for my blog was never to get a certain amount of followers
it was mainly so that my voice could be herd even if it was only one person listening, unlike alot of other bloggers that just create a twitter so that there followers can triple (I'm not saying any names) lol but yeah you get the idea so for those following me note that I do go to my dashboard every day and check out everyone's page yes each and everyone of yah'll just to see what you guys have to say even though I may not comment {Sorry lazy habit =/} Anywho:
You guys keep me motivated to post more on more cool ideas each day so please do keep up the good comments guys again thanks.

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Dip-Set Dip-Set DIP SET!!!!!

Finally These guys have put there minor differences aside and got back to rap, Jim Juelz Freaky & Cam were recently spotted in Brooklyn shooting a video to show the world that they are truly back to business. Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freakey joined forces for the new video and I'm not sure if it's going to be a music video or just a video showing off their new found unity. Either way, I'm loving the vibe and hope that these dudes can do what they do best and that's make good music:

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If The Spotlight Gets You Nervous 

Go out and get Drake's Thank Me Later Album & listen to Karaoke (Best song on the album by far), sure I said that his album won't sell cause for the 5 songs that leaked but Drake is way to talented to let that phase him. Now I'm not jumping on no band wagon or anything  but I must give credit when needed, and plus hes a Jew from Canada that raps and hes actually Good!


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Get Outta Town

Screw Rosé, Ciroc Vodka, Moet & Grey Goose cause there's a new weekend liver killer on the market lol, & it has my town written all over it :-) its called Absolute Brooklyn,
{Inserts Like This Thumb Here}
Being how its a Brooklyn (Stand Up) thing you know Spike Lee had to involve him self in this some how so he & the geniuses at Absolut  collaborated on the creation of this and even created a trailer for this limited time offer:

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Sneaker Freaker
Air Jordan 13 Premio Bin
Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB 
Christian Louboutin High Tops 
 Nike SB Dunk High QS Born in the USA
Louis Vuitton Tower 
Free Drake & Hanson Performance 

 If the New York area then, come out & witness Drake  him self perform for you, for  free 99. If you live on the Island of Manhattan, or if you can make it to it's southern most tip you'll be able to see Drake perform on the very same night his album drops.....coincidence, I think not! Oh yeah & if you still listen to the washed up Hanson they'll still be there & no need to even mention that other dude everyone would more or less would leave by the time there performing. 

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Techno Disco

Sure he looks like a typical juiced Jersey Shore candidate at 1st glance but you gotta respect this techno video by
Ricky J stamped Whatta Night:

Inna's Moon Girl song just rocks on all aspect of life if your not jumping up & down and fist pumping like champs to this, your just totally annal:

::: Continues to dance... :::

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Tim WestWood Freestyle Drake

I say I say this is written its still good tho, but can Drake really freestyle?

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Drake Find Your Love Remix Gyptian

Love Find Your Love, but wish it had an updated reggae/dancehall groove for you to embarrass yourself dancing to on reggae night in your favorite club? Well Drake I guess you've been in New York alot to get the idea to throw an reggae artist in one of his song it has to grow on me 1st though, to be honest.
Cover That

☟I hate Kelis so much for what shes doing to Nas smh, shes still cute though but dam.☟
Every time I see Ms.Badu I think about "Window seat"

Even when Jay hits 90 (cough next year) he'll still be the man. Who else you know that can make a color cool for a year.............AH COLOR!!!!

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Is exactly what I said after I seen these two kicks.... 

Nike Air Foamposite's Metallic

Retro Air Jordan IV "Pony's"

.....Nuff Said!
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Have You Noticed?

Jay & B's tattoo? sure its smaller then Yung Berg's album sales but they both still have one.

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This That & The 3rd

This post is basically a few random topics I'd briefly like to touch on.

Is it just me or Jada gets better with age?
Might as well call her wine, being how ever year she gets ever so fine...
*Studio Audience: BoOooOo*
lol yeah I know that was lame but its my blog can I live, Anywho staying on Ms.Smith have you seen her family lately her & Will ain't the only to people in the family with style:
Moving on has anyone noticed Ms.Keys tummy progress lately?
Congrats to Swizz I still don't know how he got it, but someone please tell me is Cassie...
A Model or Singer?


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Trey Songz Already Taken Video

I 1st mention this song a while back, & it got a cool buzz as every Trey song does but he has recently released a video for "Already Taken" off of the Step Up 3 movie soundtrack enjoy:

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Kanye West Books A Performance At 2010 B.E.T Awards 

Mr. West has just been added to the performance Line up for the 2010 BET Awards airing on June 27th at 8pm.
He joins Drake, T.I., Dirty Money, Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz. Hosted by Queen Latifah, I’ll definitely be watching now.

Who the heck is the guy on the right?....Hell if I know but Kanye's is back hip hip

::Children cheer:: "HOoray!!!"

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